Bellroy Slim Sleeve proves me wrong!

In this 2nd LOOK at the Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet, I evaluate my prior scoring when I originally reviewed it and revise my score. After a year's worth of personal experience, I was very wrong about this wallet.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

This is a second look video on the Bellroy Slim Sleeve. This is warranted since 1) my first review was some time ago, 2) I’ve personally carried this wallet, 3) compared it to its brother and sister and competitors, and finally, 4) have heard your experiences with it. Due to those items, this slim sleeve deserves a second look.

The wallet is very thin, compact, and has great features, time has exposed my short sightedness on this particular wallet via my initial review, greater personal experience, and of course through reading the experiences of you, who have suffered through my videos and brought greater light and knowledge to me.

Those who are familiar with this wallet know there are not any exterior features. However, I will point out that there is sewing that’s exposes on the exterior of the wallet which reinforces the interior pull strap. It may not look great aesthetically on the exterior, but I can tell you that the reinforcement of the pull strap on the interior is something that really makes this stand out against competitors and helps ensure longevity with that particular feature.

On the interior there are two card slots, one on either side for quick access and there is a rear slot on the left which can be used to put in cash. US, Australian, and Canadian currency can be folded once and put in here nicely. Of course you can put cash on the opposite side, but with the pull strap its best use if to store more cards.

Now I will go over my prior review scores, as I compare it to my new score. Quality, initially I gave this a three. I won’t recant that I have some concerns with the leather. It is thin, but it’s the way it is on purpose for the design and usability goals of this particular wallet, and I’ve come to terms with it as I’ve reviewed almost all of Bellroy’s wallet offerings. They found a way to ride the very thin line of leather quality and generally have a great build quality for a mass manufacturer. My new score is four.

Now for features. Initially I gave this a three. With over 160 wallets under my review belt at the time of this recording, I underestimated the innovative design for features, which results in a very rich feature offering in a very small, thin, compact form factor, so the new score on this now is a four.

Usability, initially I gave this a three. It was with my own carry test and many comments from you who gave me broader insight into how well it works, that this is a sweet spot for a bi-fold wallet. It really is. It works exceptionally well. Correction was required on my part, so please forgive me. The new score is a four.

Perception, that didn’t change. It was a four and stays a four. In the end, you can see the comparison between the original score I gave it in 2019 when it was first reviewed the wallet and this revision considerably increased the final score from a 3 to a 3.8.  That score places the Bellroy Slim Sleeve in its rightful place. Having reviewed over 95% of Bellroy’s wallets, this one really truly is by far their best balanced wallet I think they have. It’s a great wallet. I really like it. So thanks for hearing my confession.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

One of Bellroy's best selling wallet, it brings the perfect balance between cards and cash with easy access while being thin and light.

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