Trayvax Contour wallet; second look, still so good!

After a full review, carry testing and listening to you, the Trayvax Contour wallet deserved a second look. We look back at what I got wrong and why the score needed to be adjusted.

After a full review, carry testing and listening to you, the Trayvax Contour wallet deserved a second look. We look back at what I got wrong and why the score needed to be adjusted.

Today’s review is my “second look” of the Trayvax Contour. Since my first review, I have carried this wallet, as well as reviewed many comments from owners who have also had long term experiences with it. Therefore, I figured the Trayvax Contour deserves a second look.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Second look reviews is where time has exposed my shortsightedness on particular wallets through my initial review, greater personal experience gained with it, and of course, through reading the experiences from those of you who have suffered through my reviews in the past, and have brought greater knowledge.

I will give a quick look at the features of the Contour, then look at my old score and discuss my learnings and give you my revised score. With the Contour, there are a lot of interesting things going on with this wallet. As with most Trayvax wallets, they have a complex design and are incredibly unique. On the front end of the wallet is a bottle opener. This is a front exposure where you can carry an ID. There is also a lanyard connection point that could be used for a pickpocket tether. From this point there is the connection where you have the grommet strap.

This area opens up and your cards go directly behind it. One of the benchmarks of the Trayvax Contour is its customizability by way of holding different amounts of cards. This is done by adjusting the pin via the provided torx wrench allowing as few or many cards based on the slider position. The leather will stretch and accommodate the capacity as well, withe leather also being adjusted via the screws on the main frame. The leather is a full grain veg tan Horween leather, which is excellent. The quality of the materials are fantastic.

As for my original and adjusted scores, I gave the initial quality a five which is the highest number you can get, and have not changed this number. The quality of the materials and the build still stands as it is, very high. I initially gave the price a score of two. I will not be changing that either. It is actually quite expensive.

In my original rating for features I gave it a three. However, I am going to bump that up to a four due to the carry features and adequate handling of cards. The ability and the flexibility of adjusting the wallet for expanding or contracting the number of cards and cash is excellent and demonstrates a great design.

For usability. I gave it a four, and am not going to change it. But I did want to clarify a few things. My original concerns were that the top plate of the metal would scratch my cards, which was confirmed when I did a carry test. However, there are many who claim this is not the case and they’re willing to put a donor card in there just to allow it to be scratched up or that it has been addressed by the company. When I initially reviewed it, I was putting the cards in the wrong way which I did as an adjustment for the potential card scratching, but we do know cards are extracted using the thumb push to get the cards in and out of the wallet.

My perception score was a four, which I will not be changing.

In the end, the final score was raised from 3.8 to 3.9. While I believe there is genius in the diversity of designs within the Trayvax product line, sometimes there is a bit of over-engineering that goes into it.

Trayvax Contour Minimalist Wallet

The pinnacle of Trayvax’s wallet line, the Contour shows the company's engineering, materials and finish expertise.

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