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After a lifetime of purchasing wallets, Mark has determined he will show the world what he thinks he knows…while buying all the wallets possible! Join the journey!

A Brief Backgrounder

I’m an old(er) dude and have spent the better part of a half-century purchasing men’s wallets. I’ve determine there are 5 categories (and no I’m not interested in arguing why there may be more….well I might be). They include Slim, Bifold, Trifold, Zipper, and Unique. That last one is not a catch-all, there are some unique wallets that break the mold and usually only appeal to certain people.

Most men I know purchase more wallets than they really need. I imagine women do that too with purses, or so the media would have me believe. Anyway, most men can’t seem to settle on a single wallet for very long. That’s cool, nothing wrong with that, we all have our vices. I’m short and stout (you might call me fat), and so I like wallets, shoes, pens and watches.

Determined to not to be swayed by advertising and become a shill, we abide by our main principle:

Our reviews and ratings are our own since we purchase most wallets we review…at whatever price possible, wherever we can find them.

It’s the adventure with the wallets and what we hear from you that makes it all worth while, and keeps it more addictive. Join the fun with us!


Current dollars spent to acquire wallets for review: $40,306

Affiliate Disclosure

Since we purchase all the wallets we review, we’re able to keep our reviews unbiased and consistent.  That said, we do rely on reader support via the links contained within the site to assist in keeping the reviews coming!  Many websites, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to their content and products, with no impact to you.  We thank you for your support!

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