Bifold Wallet Reviews

NOMAD wallets

NOMAD, NOMAD, NOMAD new Bifold, Card Plus and Card wallets!

We’ve got a three-fer! NOMAD, NOMAD, NOMAD, the new NOMAD Bifold wallet, NOMAD Card Plus wallet and NOMAD Card wallet.  All tree provide Horween leather goodness in an innovative design to keep the wallets thin, durable and stretch resistant!

Ashland Leather Capone money clip wallet

Ashland Leather Capone is money clip goodness!

Ashland Leather’s Capone money clip wallet is a thicker money clip, but the high quality Horween leather ensures it can stretch to meet your needs, while providing life-long durability

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Woven, new material, lower price?

In Bellroy’s continued march for Slim Sleeve perfection, the Bellroy Slim Sleeve Woven introduces a 100% recycled nylon material for super durability and with a less expensive entry price than the original Slim Sleeve.

Pioneer Carry Altitude wallet

Pioneer Carry Altitude smashes currency problems!

If you want a traveling wallet that’s almost as small as popular minimalist bifolds, but fits ALL currencies without needing to fold notes, then pickup the Pioneer Carry Altitude wallet. It’s amazing!

Nutsac Clipster wallet review // capable capacity with rough spots

Solid and functional, the Nutsac Clipster wallet review shows the good and the areas of improvement needed. Overall, it’s a competent wallet with great capacity and interesting cash clip layout is attractive for organization, segregation of cash and cards and usability.

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