Bifold Wallet Reviews

Nutsac Clipster wallet review // capable capacity with rough spots

Solid and functional, the Nutsac Clipster wallet review shows the good and the areas of improvement needed. Overall, it’s a competent wallet with great capacity and interesting cash clip layout is attractive for organization, segregation of cash and cards and usability.

Popov Leather 5 Card Wallet, unimpressive or perfectly simple?

Why cant smell-o-vision be real!? The beautiful leather smell of the Popov Leather 5 Card Wallet is alluring enough to get one. But the perfectly functional dimensions, ease of use and amazing customer service makes this a great daily carry option.

Airo Stealth wallet, the world’s thinnest wallet?!

Your answer is yes, pretty much the thinnest. That comes with compromises, but the Airo Stealth wallet is impressive no matter how you look at it. Cash and cards are easy to carry and you barely feel it in your pocket, what more could you ask for?

The Pioneer Carry Flyfold is an astronauts wallet!

Using innovative 10XD ripstop fabric created for the Pioneer Carry Flyfold, it behaves and matures like leather, but is stronger than steel. Design or the needs of active individuals and those looking for a cool material offering, the Flyfold is what your astronaut friends would be carrying!

Bellroy Coin Wallet, is thicker better?

Ready to take on coin carry the Bellroy Coin Wallet packs in a lot of features, but in so doing makes it more of a thick, back pocket wallet. Are we ready for this?

Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve; cool, new, disappointing?

The Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve wallet ventures into new visual, functional and manufacturing design. Blazing the path for what we could begin to see in the future from Bellroy, there are some shortcomings and a disappointment in the quality.

NOMAD Tile wallet // excellent quality, difficult to lose!

With one wallet design, you can get it in brown or black, NOMAD has honed it’s design into an excellent showcase of quality material, durable construction and now, with the inclusion of a tracking Tile, a way to never lose it! Get a close look at the NOMAD Tile wallet

HISSIMO wallet proves cheap can be good!

The HISSIMO wallet, front pocket to be exact, is a competent bifold, with all the usual features, but is incredibly inexpensive. Made with the usual amount of RFID material and genuine leather, it’s still a great value for the price.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet

Bellroy Slim Sleeve proves me wrong!

In this 2nd LOOK at the Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet, I evaluate my prior scoring when I originally reviewed it and revise my score. After a year’s worth of personal experience, I was very wrong about this wallet.

Mr Lentz Mens’ Leather wallet; how does it stand up!?

Down to earth crafted, Mr. Lentz wallet is made to last, simply made to outlast you. Made from one piece of leather and secured with brass rivets, the elegance of the design makes this an easy wallet to handle and enjoy.

Anson Calder Bifold Coin wallet craziness!

This is a crazy review because the Anson Calder Bifold Coin wallet is 1) discontinued, 2) super expensive for what you get (which is probably why it was discontinued at $135) and 3) not practical…who wants to carry just cards and coins?

Flipside 4 wallet, can it go the distance?

The Flipside 4 wallet is a polycarbonate (hard plastic) wallet with a spring opening and several card slots with cash capabilities. It’s fun to use, but is it really useful in day to day carry? Seems large for a convenient carry, but it grows on you.

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