Bifold Wallet Reviews

Carl Friedrik Walden

Carl Friedrik Walden, an Italian leather bifold beauty!

Carl Friedrik is known for high-quality, luxury goods and all their wallets are excellent. The new Walden bifold wallet review adds the best of the Swanfield wallet, but adds an easy to use billfold pocket and pull strap card storage slot to the Portugal made Italian leather offering.

Rainbow Nylon Bifold

Rainbow Wallet; VELCRO is still KING

You might think this is a crypto wallet, it’s not. Since the 1970’s, the Rainbow wallet company has produced bifold nylon velcro wallets. Durable nylon with many pockets and zippers, all kept closed and secure with velcro, or hook and loop if you prefer. The sound of velcro never gets old!

NOMAD wallets

NOMAD, NOMAD, NOMAD new Bifold, Card Plus and Card wallets!

We’ve got a three-fer! NOMAD, NOMAD, NOMAD, the new NOMAD Bifold wallet, NOMAD Card Plus wallet and NOMAD Card wallet.  All tree provide Horween leather goodness in an innovative design to keep the wallets thin, durable and stretch resistant!

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Woven, new material, lower price?

In Bellroy’s continued march for Slim Sleeve perfection, the Bellroy Slim Sleeve Woven introduces a 100% recycled nylon material for super durability and with a less expensive entry price than the original Slim Sleeve.

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