Bifold Wallet Reviews

Anson Calder Bifold Coin wallet craziness!

This is a crazy review because the Anson Calder Bifold Coin wallet is 1) discontinued, 2) super expensive for what you get (which is probably why it was discontinued at $135) and 3) not practical…who wants to carry just cards and coins?

Flipside 4 wallet, can it go the distance?

The Flipside 4 wallet is a polycarbonate (hard plastic) wallet with a spring opening and several card slots with cash capabilities. It’s fun to use, but is it really useful in day to day carry? Seems large for a convenient carry, but it grows on you.

Aurochs Gravity wallet has been remodeled and it’s excellent!

The recently released Aurochs Gravity wallet has been redone to incorporate many new features along with reinforcements in build and more style. Made of superb full grain veg tanned leather from South East Asia, it provides a great alternative to similar wallets which cost much more.

Wingback’s Cash wallet is a beast with notes, but struggles with cards

Wingback’s Cash wallet is perfect for someone who likes to carry loads of notes. It can carry up to 20 slips of cash, which is excellent. It has an internal card slot which suits the minimalist if you’re looking to carry less than 6 cards, but anything more and you’ll be wanting. As is the case with all Wingback products, quality, customer service and ethos are excellent.

Can the TUMI Desoto be awesome with all man-made materials?

Unfortunately, the TUMI Desoto doesn’t seem to be available for sale any longer, but this bright carbon fiber designed blue is full of capacity and is durable. Made of all man-made materials, it’s not the type of wallet you’d expect to be awesome, but it is.

Serman Brand 1.S and its tried and tested money clip….problems?

There’s nothing super special about the Serman 1.S wallet, it’s a version of many wallets you can find out there, including the money clip, which is the traditional spring-loaded type. But tried and true can also mean reliable, so if you’re looking for a wallet that isn’t fancy and doesn’t have crazy design unique, this will work.

Mitchell Leather wallet

Mitchell Leather Money Clip Wallet is as perfect a cash/card wallet you can get

When I bought it I thought, “oh, another simple billfold wallet…”. Wow was I wrong. The simplicity is actually elegance, wrapped in fine-tuned engineering, finished with decades of craftsmanship. Every millimeter of this wallet has been rethought over dozens of times over the years to reach this level of usability, quality and near perfection. Sometimes the most fabulous things are the simplest.

Is the Trayvax Summit Notebook too small to be useful?

Adding wonderful leather to the existing Armor Summit wallet frame, the Trayvax Summit Wallet adds a tried and true Fisher Bullet pen to a small notebook to provide something capable of jotting some ideas down on. But does the size make all the extra bulk worth it?

Ekster’s improvements in the Parliament 3.0 go far beyond a slimmer tracker!

Almost a complete rethink on the materials and construction processes, the new Ekster 3.0 Parliament ups the game for reliable and long-lasting box wallets. With an fully anodized aluminum box and with the trigger being made from one piece of material, it’s smoother, sturdy and it looks great! Combine that with a slimmer tracker card and you’re getting to where your vision of this type of wallet has always been.

Aurochs Nova wallet

Aurochs Nova wins on leather quality, usability and expected durability

Another finely crafted wallet from Aurochs in Pakistan. Made of full-grain veg tanned leather from southeast Asian tanneries, the cut, fit, sewing and finish of the Nova puts it head and shoulders above Bellroy’s competitive offerings. With great card slot features and a killer price, you have to add this to your collection.

Wingback’s Card wallet exudes quality and usability!

Made from one piece of full grain veg tanned Tuscan Italian leather in London, and sewn with your chosen color, this expertly crafted card and cash minimalist wallet is clever. It’s barely the size of a card, but can hold up to 10 of them plus cash. And the smell? It’ll keep you so happy you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one of these sooner.

Bellroy’s Hide & Seek features are fun, but are they useful?

Bellroy put great thought and design time into the Hide & Seek wallet. Providing a second billfold pocket and card slot cleverly hidden behind the first, it’s a great way to keep cash, coin or cards out of the spotlight. But with everything else in the wallet, is there really a need to “hide” things that create more bulk?

Japanese made Abrasus is a clever find, for those who carry more cash and coins

Abrasus’ bifold wallet mashes up cash, currency and coins in a thin bifold wallet. The attention to design detail to keep it thin creates a cool talking point, and the high quality construction and materials will ensure it will last a long time. But with only a 5 card capacity in comparison to 15 slips of cash and 15 coins, is that a reasonable balance?

Bellroy Passport wallet

Bellroy’s Passport Sleeve travels VERY well!

Passport sleeves are a hit and miss thing, but Bellroy’s mixes all the right notes. With the ability to carry cash along with boarding passes and cards, its mini pen makes it the perfect offering when you’re traveling internationally.

Travando RIO’s faux leather offering provides an alternative

The faux leather is hard to detect in Travando’s RIO wallet. With an attractive 2 color combination and integrated money clip, it provides options for those who are looking for a non-leather alternative. Its card capacity and ability to easily handle foreign currency is also a plus.

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