Bifold Wallet Reviews

Anson Calder nails it again with their Billfold wallet, but it’s $145

I tend to bring up Anson Calder’s price as part of their video listings. They continue to kill it with product with simplistic design, elegant operation and superior materials, and they know it! Their pricing reflects their confidence. If price is secondary to quality, function and operation, then you have to look at this wallet. They’ve quickly become one of my favorites.

Inscribeself’s journal wallet is a perfect mashup for note takers!

It could be argued that Inscribeself has created the best middle ground product between journals and wallets on the market (if not, please lead me to them!). Though not perfect as a journal or a wallet, this mashup brings the best features of both into a compact offering that provides those who would rather write than type a stylish way to go.

Hook and Albert’s vertical bifold wallet gives mixed messages

Arriving in less than impressive packaging, Hook & Alberts vertical bifold wallet design is good, with nice external and internal storage capabilities, but the execution on quality and reported customer support problems make us question the value offering of this up and coming New York brand.

Bellroy balances it again with the Note Sleeve bifold wallet!

Bellroy has a HUGE selection of products to handle almost any situation. Their new Note Sleeve wallet is an excellent convergence example of form, function and minimalism. If you want to carry cards, cash, coins, keys or other miscellaneous things all in a slim bifold, you’ve found a good candidate here.

Made in Mayhem’s Washington wallet is thin, but can it last?

The thin cut of leather and lack of sewing of internal card slots provide an incredibly thin bifold card profile, but with that design choice, will it have longevity and durability? The color is awesome, the leather is veg tanned and the lining is suede, nice touches for those looking for an elegant and simple wallet in bold colors.

Rustico’s Voyager wallet brings authentic craftsmanship!

The simplicity and raw beauty of the Rustico Voyager bifold brings anyone back to what real leather looks, smells and feels like. The tactile nature of this wallet makes it irresistible, and the clever long-side, short-side make holding cash easy in a simple card bifold.

Pioneer Carry’s Matter fabric is futuristic!

Taking wallet materials into a completely new direction, Pioneer Carry’s Matter bifold used stronger than steel fabric that feels, breaks in like and molds like leather. Hard to believe, but it’s an impressive package that’ll leave you with a cool story to tell your buddies. What I like most is its ability to carry cash folded over only ONCE.

NOMAD’s slim bifold can stop wandering!

Starting with high-quality Horween leather, NOMAD’s slim bifold leverages a slim design with surprising capacity. This un-tiled version of NOMAD’s popular wallet will still bring a smile and wonderful leather smell to you.

Is the Paperwallet bifold too fragile?

The Paperwallet’s clever single-piece of material, combined with its mind-blowing number of cool designs make the cool hidden compartments for cards in this wallet stand out!

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