Carry Tests

Slimpuro ZNAP wallet

ZNAP Slimpuro test carry was a no brainer!

Everything I expected when I started the ZNAP Slimpuro test carry turned out to be true…it was worked as expected and reinforced that it’s a great option if you like metal wallets.

Akeeni XSTO wallet

Akeeni XSTO carries like a champ, add to your collection!

We loved the STOW Slip wallet so when the company renamed itself and the product, we also loved the new and improved Akeeni XSTO.  My carry experience is what I expected, awesome.  You should add this to your collection and if you don’t like metal wallets, try this one.

DangoA10Carry Website Thumbnail

Dango A10 wallet is my favorite Dango carry option!

While I appreciate all Dango products, there’s always a feature, build quality or functional piece I don’t like, but the Dango A10 wallet hits the sweet spot me, this could be my long-term carry wallet

VaultskinNotting Website Thumbnail

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet is a hoarders dream!

Zipper wallets are the best because you can put anything in it and close it up. The Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet is perfect with exterior pockets and quality materials. It was a pleasure to carry and a great value for money.

BellroyApexCarry Website Thumbnail

Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve performed better than I thought!

With so much “different” going on with this wallet I had some lower expectations when I took it out for a 3 week carry test. The Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve did just fine, the only remaining issue is will the new construction method hold up…only time will tell.

LTCraftLorePort Website Thumbnail

Craft and Lore wallet // Port wallet carry test, I still love it!

Craft and Lore wallet, the Port is one of our top rated wallets and I was looking forward to taking it out for a carry test. Trust me, you can still use a simple wallet wrong, so it was really nice to not have to think too much, it handled all my cards and fit like a glove in my front pocket, awesome.

LTC Gravity Website Thumbnail

Auroch Gravity wallet, too big for carry comfort?

The Auroch Gravity wallet has proven itself a worldwide contender, addressing broad needs for all currency sizes, coins, cards and even SIM swapping. But with that comes bulk and a larger footprint compared to its competitors.

AnsonCalderZip WEbsite Thumbnail

Anson Calder Zip Around wallet is excellent, but the smell!?!

We’ve reviewed the Anson Calder Zip Around wallet and it’s a great zipper wallet which has amazing capacity. It performed brilliantly in our carry test and exhibited all the high qualities you expect from Anson Calder wallets. But this one has a smell from the inside leather that’s a bit distracting.

TROVE Swift wallet

TROVE’s Swift wallet exceeded my expectations!

As a band wallet, you don’t get any more functional than the TROVE Swift. The thoughtful design maximizes all the space possible (with the exception of possibly putting a small coin slot in the leather area), which keeps the footprint as minimal as possible. I carried a load of cards and found no issues.

LTC Buffway Website Thumbnail

Buffway proved capable for its price/value

Wanting to see if the very inexpensive Buffway slim wallet would wear as well as its price, the long-term carry test showed it did great! Loaded with organizational capacity, it held up fine and is a great choice for an inexpensive slim wallet.

Ekster P 3 Website Thumbnail

Ekster’s 3.0 Parliament with tracker is a significant improvement!

Continuing to demonstrate that you can make improvements in what might be settled product, Ekster has upped the game with the Ekster 3.0 Parliament wallet. Through improved materials, engineering and construction, this is the best wallet yet from them and with the continued tracker technology refinement, it’s a real pleaser.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet

For a bifold, Bellroy’s Slim Sleeve lived up to its slim name!

Bellroy’s Slim Sleeve was excellent during my 3 week carry test. Designed to be just larger than a card in size, its capacity was amazing as it swallowed all my cards while still keeping its slim profile. Non-RFID made it a joy to use and overall I would carry this wallet long-term.

LTC Trayvax Contour Website Thumbnail

Trayvax Contour is tough, but card access can be tougher.

Carrying the Trayvax Contour for 3 weeks taught me a few things, 1) this is a well engineered and made wallet, wonderful materials and craftsmanship, 2) it’s heavy, due to all the things in #1, and 3) while cash is easy to get to, there’s no easy way to extract your cards, and it scratches your top card (so be careful). Other than that, I really enjoyed it and so did everyone who saw it.

NarwhalCo wallet

NarwhalCo’s Eco-Fold makes fabric wallets look so cool!

With vibrant colors and unique one-of-a-kind offerings, the NarwhalCo Eco-fold recycled wallet never lets down. It’ll handle the load you want to give it, then it can shrink back after a washing. Show me a leather wallet that can do that??!! Made to last, the NarwhalCo wallet pen was also very useful for immediate writing needs and fit nicely right in the spine of the wallet.

LTC Bellroy Card Website Thumbnail

Bellroy’s Card Sleeve wallet went a mile-high and survived!

Easy to use, nice leather break-in, quick access to cards and cash. All of these things represent the Bellroy Card Sleeve slim wallet in our long-term carry test. Outside of a small issue with the pull strap, it performed well and never failed as I took it to Denver.

LTC Ridge Aluminum Website Thumbnail

Ridge’s Aluminum band wallet was flawless…for a band wallet

There are inherent design problems with the band wallet category; monolithic stack of cards to deal with, difficulty in organizing and pulling out exactly what you need and what can be a hard time working the deck of cards in and out. But Ridge’s design and specifically the aluminum band we tested proved not only does it function at the highest levels for a band wallet, but their design is specific to help address short-comings in band wallets.

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