Anson Calder Card Plus feels like it’s not there!

Our long-term carry test with the Anson Calder Card Plus slim wallet was a great experience, outside of one problem we encountered, it was a dream!

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video.)

Thanks for joining us for this long term carry review of the Anson Calder Card Plus wallet, it’s a slim wallet and this is in the steel gray color.

I carried this one for 30 days during the springtime and did some air travel with it oo. Just to refresh you on the features of it, there are three pockets two on either side with quick thumb access, and an internal slot right in the middle.

Let’s go through my general assessments on how it performed. The leather break in period was within a week of use, and the quick thumb access is awesome once that happens, it makes pushing the cards up and out easier.  Until that happens it’ll be a struggle. I gradually added cards as it was breaking in until I got to the number of cards I wanted. I ended up with 10 cards and it worked great. The leather broke in without any issues, and maintained its soft and supple characteristics.

The internal slot never got easier to get into, so a pro tip is to put your infrequently used cards in there. If you have to access cards in there, you really have to almost remove all the cards from one of the external slots just to get to it.

The cash slit is actually very functional. I’ve consistently had 5+ slips of cash in there without a problem. Overall, it just feels like it’s not even in your pocket at all. It’s fantastic and I was able to put about 90% of the things I used on a daily basis from my previous, larger bifold into this very small but functional wallet.

Let’s get it the likes and dislikes, for likes, it has a small footprint. It’s very light, I couldn’t even feel in my pocket. Very functional and easy to use. The dislikes are only regarding the middle card slot as it was hard to use because you have to remove cards from one of the outside slots to get to it.

And there you go. That’s the long-term carry review of the Anson Calder Card Plus wallet. I would recommend this wallet as a great wallet for minimalist carry.

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