Anson Calder Zip Around wallet is excellent, but the smell!?!

We've reviewed the Anson Calder Zip Around wallet and it's a great zipper wallet which has amazing capacity. It performed brilliantly in our carry test and exhibited all the high qualities you expect from Anson Calder wallets. But this one has a smell from the inside leather that's a bit distracting.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we will be going through my long term carry experience with the Anson Calder Zip Around Wallet. I carried it for almost 3 weeks. Before we get into my general assessments, likes and dislikes, let’s do a quick review of the features.

The uniqueness of the Anson Calder products is they all have quick access thumb pushes for their card slots. There is a card slot on the front with a quick thumb access push and on the back there is another slot exactly like it, with another quick thumb access push. This gives you great immediate access to cards and there is no RFID on this. On the interior of the wallet there are two card slots on both sides, as well as the open nature of the wallet itself, so you can put anything in here and zip it up to be safe. As a zipper wallet I really liked how this performed. I never had any snags with the zipper. It always opened and closed smoothly, and the leather performed as expected, as does all Anson Calder leather. All of Anson Calder’s wallet lines are excellent. They have also expanded the material options so you can pick up a well-designed Anson Calder without higher prices.

As with all of Anson Calder wallets, this is made in the United States. I have reviewed and carry-tested several of their products in the past.

Now for my likes: there is plenty of room on the interior for cards, coins and anything else you would like to carry. I carried two cards in each of the slots, including the external slots, which worked really well from a minimal perspective.

Now for my dislikes: the interior is quite lacking. There are only two slots and there is nothing more. Other wallet manufacturers provide slots for coins, keys, individual cards or SIM cards. It could be argued that the simplicity of these two slots is enough, and I can see that viewpoint, but I still come away thinking they could have done more from a design perspective. Another problem is that the interior really stinks. I am not sure why. I am always reminded of this aroma when I open it up and it’s not that great.

That is my review of the Anson Calder Zipper Wallet. It is really not a bad wallet and if you are considering purchasing a zipper wallet, it is definitely something to consider.

Anson Calder Zip Around Wallet

The Zip Around Wallet features the same slim design and functionality as our Card Wallets but also has a zipper compartment to hold your cash, coins, more cards, or even your keys.

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