Bellroy’s Card Sleeve wallet went a mile-high and survived!

Easy to use, nice leather break-in, quick access to cards and cash. All of these things represent the Bellroy Card Sleeve slim wallet in our long-term carry test. Outside of a small issue with the pull strap, it performed well and never failed as I took it to Denver.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Let me take you through my long-term carry experience with the Bellroy Card Sleeve slim wallet.

The amount of cards and/or cash is always the same from wallet to wallet I carry unless it’s impossible due to the wallet configuration, at which point I’ll make mention of it.  I generally carry around 12 cards, plus some paper cards and cash on and off. I did a full review of this product which you can see in the link above.

Before we get into the general assessment and likes and dislikes, let’s quickly review the features of the Bellroy Card Sleeve slim wallet.

My general assessment is that I had no problems with this wallet.  The wallet I have here is the one I took out for over 20 days, and it broke-in nicely.  It went with me on a quick trip to Denver to see a Rockies game over a weekend and spend some time in the local area.  It was as much at home in my gym shorts as a nice pair of slacks. The leather broke in very easily and without any problems. The leather never looked or acted like it was distressed or incapable of handling the load I put in it.  As you can see from the break-in, the leather stretched a good distance.

Having more than 3 cards in the quick access slots becomes a problem, but that’s not a issue with the wallet, that’s me attempting to put more in than I should.  One or two is sufficient and is easy to extract.

For the dislikes, The only annoying item was the retraction of the pull strap.  It required the cards to be pushed in all the way for it to fully retract. You would expect this, but pushing the cards all the way in means well below the lip of the top of the wallet as you can see here.

For the likes, it functioned as expected, never failed and was a very easy carry as a slim wallet should be. I never felt like it was lacking.

And there you go, if you’ve been looking at Bellroy products or this Card Sleeve in particular, click the link in the notes below, find a color you like and give it a try.

Bellroy - Card Sleeve

Chosen for Carryology’s best-in-class Essentials program, this super slim wallet has been given custom material accents to suit.

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