Bryker Hyde Top Flip carry test was revealing!

Carrying the Bryker Hyde Top Flip wallet for a month revealed what worked and what didn't. Made of nice soft sheep skin, it showed the wear and tear, but did it perform as expected?

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today I will be doing a long term carry review of the Bryker Hyde Top Flip wallet. I carried this for over 30 days and am going to share with you my thoughts and feelings about how this wallet worked for me over the last 30 days.

As you look at the top view of the wallet, it is a bi-fold. Therefore, when you open it up, it lays flat and has a cool little symbol on the front lower area. When you flip it open, it has four card slots on the left hand side. There is also a top flip ID portion, which is what this wallet is known for. You can flip up the flap, and put a card right here.. I put a sticky note in here with a shopping list.

The slots on each side are equal in size. When you go to the full D portion of the wallet, it has a place for cash, plus a separator, where you could put receipts. As far as my likes and dislikes go, as was stated in the original review, in order to place four cards in the four slots, one of the cards is actually a bit higher than the rest of the other cards. When I was trying to remove this card and use it, I found it was actually a bit harder to access the card because I just didn’t have much ability to grab it, it rests a little too high and interferes with the card behind it. Even with my smaller hands, I decided it was difficult to grab the cards in the top slots.

As would be expected, it was quite annoying as the print on cards were removed from both sides because it is made of plastic and when there’s heat, it will transfer to the plastic. I was carrying a card in one slot and some of the printed ink started coming off. I assume this would be expected, as I was putting the wallet in my pocket and the heat that was generated made the ink come up. The flip up ID is actually really nice, because when I was going places it was a quick access to flip the ID up and out and you can even close the wallet with the ID out which provides access without showing everything else in the wallet.

It is a little bulky with how many cards I am carrying. I had 12 cards inside the wallet. I actually didn’t use the side slots like I normally would, because I actually tried to reduce the number of cards I was trying to use it for. As I was putting the cards in and out of my wallet, scratches on the leather formed, but that would be expected. I was also putting my keys into my bag every once in a while, so, I am pretty sure that would have caused some exterior scratches as well. At the end of the 30 days, it was pretty scratched, but it provided character to the leather.

I don’t ride the bus very frequently, but I actually did ride the bus one or two times while using this wallet and it was nice to be able to quickly pop out my pass and have it scanned without having to worry about rummaging through all my cards. I just felt more organized. So, those are some of my likes and my dislikes with the Bryker Hyde Top flip wallet.

Bryker Hyde Top Flip

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