Buffway proved capable for its price/value

Wanting to see if the very inexpensive Buffway slim wallet would wear as well as its price, the long-term carry test showed it did great! Loaded with organizational capacity, it held up fine and is a great choice for an inexpensive slim wallet.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we are going to review my long term carry experience with the Buffway Slim Wallet. Before we get into my general assessments let’s do a quick review of its features.

On the front there are three card slots. There is another card slot behind it. There is also a cash area which I didn’t use to carry cash. There is another card slot, which I probably overfilled and could have done better redistributing my cards. There are a total of eight card slots and one ID slot. I definitely had plenty of places to put my stuff in the Buffway Slim Wallet.

For my general assessment for such an inexpensive wallet it performed really well. I didn’t expect much for the price, but it actually performed well and especially within this footprint itself. So what does that mean? It’s a little wider than you would expect for normal type slim wallets, but that’s really due to the high number of card slots it has. Thus you would expect it to feel a little wider due to that.

There were really no carry problems that I experienced, despite the large capacity it contained. It never felt too bulky and it sat in my pocket really nicely. The only annoying thing was, that due to all the RFID material, it interfered with my work card that I carried in the front ID space. I always had to remove it for it to work. It was pretty annoying.

Now for my likes, this was very easy to load and has plenty of capacity. I was able to include all my normal cards as well as other things with plenty of space left over. I didn’t even use the middle slot, including the full top-down for cash. The card extraction and mixed use was okay. I didn’t have a problem with it and I just kind of learned where to put my most used cards so they were accessible in the front instead of the inside areas.

The genuine leather worked fine, no concerns for the wear, but I only had it for about two weeks. However, it was in my pocket all day and I pulled it out often for the things I purchased or needed having access to.  It didn’t feel bulky, which I really contribute to the larger width that we talked about because it provided a little bit of distribution.

For my dislikes. It appears there are a lot of slots in here, but they are really more for organization. It gives you a presentation for more room of where to put things, However, it doesn’t matter what the wallet is or how it’s laid out. If you put more in, it will become bulkier. When you have fewer slots, it forces you to carry less. On the flipside, when you have more slots, you kind of get the false impression you can put more in it. You really can’t. It just makes it more thick, which defeats the purpose of a slim wallet. The second issue I had was the RFID. It really made my access card experience difficult.

There you go. It was a nice wallet overall and definitely a great value.

Buffway - Alaska

8 slots easily load your driver's license, credit cards, debit cards and membership cards, making your work and travel more convenient.

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