Dango A10 wallet is my favorite Dango carry option!

While I appreciate all Dango products, there's always a feature, build quality or functional piece I don't like, but the Dango A10 wallet hits the sweet spot me, this could be my long-term carry wallet

While I appreciate all Dango products, there’s always a feature, build quality or functional piece I don’t like, but the Dango A10 wallet hits the sweet spot me, this could be my long-term carry wallet

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today I’m going to take you through my carry experience with the Dango A10 single pocket wallet. On the front, we have the single sleeve accessory which has a single card slot on the front. This is not RFID despite it being DTEX. And if we slide it open, because we have the rail system which is part of the metal portion of the wallet, it reveals a cavity that passes through to the card slot on the other side of the wallet. The cavity is where you’ll place cash or other items.

Most Dango wallets use a silicone sleeve, a strap external to the wallet and almost appears to be an afterthought. This is the first time we have something for cash that really works.

Flip the wallet over and we have a more secure and longer-term storage location for cards. It also has that slide lock node at the top which gives you card retention security. The back portion of the wallet, which is metal, is RFID. So you have non-RFID on the front via the DTEX material, and RFID in the back which is aluminum.

As mentioned, what I found really curious, and a bit confusing, is the RFID claim made with this DTEX material on the wallet. If you look at the S series wallet descriptions of DTEX, it indicates it’s RFID. I don’t know if it’s a separate piece that works or not, but it wasn’t explicitly on the A10 description. So I wasn’t sure if it was RFID blocking or not when I did the original review. However, during my carry test, I can tell you that it is NOT RFID. I was able to tap pay, and it was wonderful.

The A10 line is designed and manufactured in the United States. Now for my likes. I do like the fact that this wallet is narrower than most Dango wallets. It just makes it feel more natural, like a traditional wallet and it feels really nice in your hand and pocket. And this is one of the lightest feeling wallets from Dango I’ve had experience with. I really like the compact nature of the “adapt” capability. I really like the flexibility and modularity of the product. It also has the propensity of becoming a fidget spinner too, because you can just move the accessory back and forth in the slide rail.

Now for my dislikes. More of a concern than dislike, I was waiting to mention this until I was able to carry this wallet. It’s how the plastic accessory portion connects to the metal slide rail portion. Will it really hold up over time with the metal system, or gradually wear down? But besides that, the other thing that I didn’t quite like is that it starts to rattle. And I had that concern when I did the original review but needed to carry it first. There is a little bit of play between where the top plastic accessory locks in underneath the top nodes in the bottom metal slide rail. This didn’t bother me at all. I didn’t really think it was going to be a big problem and it wasn’t. But if you like things to be really tight, this might bother you enough to stop carrying it. Overall I carried this wallet for over three weeks and I actually really like it. I had no concerns with it other than the few things mentioned. If you really want to understand Dango products more, take this one for a test drive. I think this will give you a good introduction to Dango.

Dango A10 Adapt

It was a matter of time before Dango figured it out and they finally did with the Dango A10 Adapt wallet.  Build a platform and create a choice of options to easily extend it.

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