Dango’s C01 is secure and thin with surprising capacity

With 3 card slots and a cross-leather cash slot, the Dango C01 secures your cards and the thin cut Italian leather molds to your cards and pocket very easily.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video

I’m going to take you through my long-term carry experience with Dango’s C01 slim wallet.

It’s made from Italian leather, hand made in the USA, which is nice, but it’s cut very thin for the multi-layer look they were going for without it being too bulky.  6061 aerospace grade CNC’d aluminum tab for use with lanyards, or tethers.

The full review of this wallet can be found at the top of the screen and in the notes below.
With all the metal floating around Dango’s product line, you’d wonder if the C01 where the “C” stands for Civilian would meet the demands of the rugged people who like to carry wallets of this type.  I’m being a bit glib, I thought that the band, which is a hallmark of almost all Dango wallets would get in the way and be more of a nuisance than a help. But it didn’t, it was fine and provided a sense of security for the contents in the wallet.

Now for my LIKES

1. I was able to utilize all the pockets, even the cash slot for additional cards.
2. Even with the band in place I was able to easily pull out my quick cards with ease
3. It molded to my pocket without any issues and the thinner cut leather held up just fine.


1. The aluminum tab, while not bulky, did lose a bolt, it came unscrewed and fell out.  But no worry for me, I would actually prefer it not to be on there and as you can see, the quality stitching continues up the leather so if you want to unscrew the bolts, feel free.

This wallet has been discontinued, below is a great alternative.

Dango C/D Series

Dango's C and D product lines produce slim and interesting EDC wallets to meet your daily carry needs.

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