Dango’s M1 Maverick survived a month long carry, even without a spare key!

Holding up well to all the wear and tear a backpack and pocket can provide for 30 days, the Dango M1 performed with no major failings.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Obviously, I am not my dad. I know, kind of depressing, but between my age and his age, I’m pretty sure we cover the majority of the people who actually watch this video, and having some female presence on this channel probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. Therefore,  I’m going to be helping out with the carry tests.

Today we’re going to be going over the Dango M1 wallet. I carried this wallet for a little over 30 days because I wanted to try and https://amzn.to/2Qg72nRget some good wear and tear into it. So let’s just dive right into it and we’ll go through some of the features. This is the Dango M1 wallet. The front is pretty nice and has two card slots. I carried four cards there. These are my go-to cards. The wallet does have a little spot for a key, if you choose to use that. On the outside it has another key pocket point. Throughout the wallet, it does have little spots like a quick thumb access that you can quickly push up and down which really came in handy. I put my IDs and four cards in there. I do carry about 16 cards throughout my entire wallet, but I put my mostly used cards in the front. On the inside, it does have another card slot. I used that for some work cards. On the inside, I carry my not-so-used cards like my student IDs, my rewards cards and my appointment cards. It also has a strap for cash. Coincidentally, I did happen to have some cash in the last 30 days. I don’t typically carry cash, but it was nice to actually have a spot to put my cash because I usually carry bi-fold wallets that don’t have a cash slot. It was nice to actually have a spot, knowing I was going to be carrying cash. It has an aluminum outside which is very durable.  I’m not quite sure what the material is, but there’s these little pins that hold it all together. It seems like a good quality leather.

As far as the wear and tear of this wallet, there was a little bit of scratching. Just a little bit. Not too big of a deal. It did stretch a little bit on the inside. The aluminum naturally got a little bit scraped up as I was putting it in and out of my bag, and in and out of my pocket, because I don’t typically use purses that much, so it was in my pocket all of the time. But other than that, just some really good wear and tear.

As far as my likes and dislikes for this wallet, the things that I really liked about this wallet is I loved having the quick access in the front. I really liked being able to just push it up and easily have access to my cards. It was nice knowing that I had a secure place on the inside for the cards that I don’t use that often because it gave me peace of mind knowing they were not going to fall out, and I know that if I do happen to need them in a quick place, like a restaurant, or I’m going to be needing a rewards card, I can just quickly pop it out, and pull my cards out, and put it back in. I loved having a spot to put cash. Very, very nice. Again, I feel like most bi-fold wallets that I would personally use don’t have a spot for cash.

My dislikes included the back where I decided to put my ID.  It was a little difficult to push it up to get my cards out, and as I pushed it up, the cards underneath didn’t really come through. Granted, I carried more paper cards which typically aren’t the best. And let’s be honest, this front spot with this key slot? Who just carries one key? I have a lanyard FULL of keys between my car, my house, and my room. I don’t know why they put this extra piece of fabric for a key, but, hey, if that’s what you want to do, and if you want to put an extra key here, by all means use it. I didn’t use it at all. Other than that, I really like this wallet. I would recommend it to a friend. It is a little bit pricey, as stated in the original review. However, it was very good, and it suited my needs throughout this entire month.

I hope you enjoyed this carry test review of the Dango M1 wallet. I will be back helping to carry test some more wallets, and hope you will continue watching our videos if you have an interest in wallets.

Dango M1 Maverick Bifold

The M1 Maverick Wallet is Dango’s all new hero and flagship vertical wallet.

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