FIDELO Hybrid wallet; long-term carry problems?

We carried the FIDELO Hybrid wallet for 3 weeks and find it very capable, sits well in your pocket and functions as you'd expect, but the extract trigger might be a problem.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

I am going to take you through my long-term carry test of the FIDELO 3-in-1 box wallet. Before I get into my dislikes and likes, let’s do a quick review of the features of the FIDELO 3-in-1.

The FIDELO 3-in-1 is a box wallet that has a leather sleeve that the box slips into. You can have different colored sleeves for variety, but it also provides the ability for flexibility whether you want to use just the box which is the first option. The second option is using the leather sleeve which provides a couple of additional pockets for quick access cards or cash. The third option is a strap that you can wrap around the wallet to put additional cash if you’d like. In summary, the 3-in-1 provides a box that carries cards and also cash.

The mechanism to push the cards out is a slider mechanism, which is different from what we have seen with the Secrid and the Ekster. If we look at the extraction option with the Secrid, the Secrid is a trigger. You push the trigger which then pushes the cards out. If we look at the Ekster, it is a button you push. Basically the three different kinds of extractor mechanisms we have are a button, the slider, and the trigger. The button and slider probably have the least chance of breaking. There really haven’t been a lot of reports of the Secrid trigger breaking, but it has the greatest exposure. The one thing I really had a concern about, and it really demonstrated itself during the long-term carry test, is that the slider is difficult to push. It takes a lot of force to be able to activate it. The company likes to say it’s a single hand option, but you’ve really got to dig into this to get it to go. In my initial review I mentioned this as being a potential issue, and it was for me during the carry test. But it functioned fine and there weren’t any issues beyond the force needed to push the slider.

When I reviewed this wallet, I liked the 3-in-1 capabilities it provided as it gave flexibility and options for how you wanted to carry. Since my initial review, they have also integrated a cash clip into this particular wallet that you can find online, as well as different colored sleeves.

I found this leather to be very capable. It is a crazy horse leather, and performed fine. I didn’t have any issues with it and the quality was acceptable. It is made in China and has RFID blocking. However, the RFID blocking is really in the box, because the exterior slots work just fine. This is an easy access card slot that I used when I got up close to use it, and it worked without an issue.

As for my likes, It sits in your pocket really well. It doesn’t cause concern feeling like you have a brick in your pocket and is very compact. The leather broke in without any problems. I really never had any issues with the slider mechanism, performing like a champ.

Now for my dislikes. The only concern I had was from my original review which is the slider button. It is nearly impossible to utilize with a single hand, unless I’m just a weakling, which could be the case.

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