FOCX R2 Accountant wallet is good but with some shortcomings

My carry experience with the FOCX Accountant wallet was good, it functioned as expected, but there were a few shortcomings that, while could be improved, doesn't prevent me from recommending this wallet.

My carry experience with the FOCX Accountant wallet was good, it functioned as expected, but there were a few shortcomings that, while could be improved, doesn’t prevent me from recommending this wallet.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

I’m going to take you through my carry experience with the FOCX R.02 Accountant wallet. Before we get into my personal assessments, likes, and dislikes, let’s do a quick review of the features. On the exterior there isn’t anything in particular except for the elastic strap which holds the flap down, which keeps all the contents in place. Exposed and accessible from the exterior is a pull strap tab for quick-access cards without the need to open the wallet. The wallet doesn’t have RFID which means it is tap payment capable. As we open the wallet we see the secondary features including another slot within the elastic for additional card storage. Then, of course, in the back we have where cash is stored. Interestingly enough the wallet doesn’t require a full cash wrap method, it works by folding the cash in half then placing it in the back. It’s different. I like it because it’s not a bad way to hold cash.

Overall, I like the footprint of this wallet. It’s very similar to other wallets we’ve reviewed in the past, and the ability for this to carry cards and cash, and supposedly coins, is something I’m always impressed with wallet designers, because this footprint is so small.

For my likes. As I mentioned the footprint is excellent. The leather on the exterior feels really good. It’s a veg-tanned leather, and will develop a wonderful patina over time. It sits in your pocket really well. There’s a rubber ring right attached to the elasti, which allows you to access and pull the elastic away from the wallet with ease. Without it you it becomes difficult to grab the elastic without effort.

For my dislikes. I wish this leather was finished better. The edges are beginning to fray, which is likely due to the rough cut that’s not finished. Some simple burnishing would present a finished product. Additionally, the flesh side of this leather is a little rough for my liking. Another thing is about the elastic. If you’re not careful the elastic begins to bind and twist when you put it back.

I also realized that the pull strap right is missing a way to grab it more efficiently. It’s just a loop of material which will often get caught between cards when inserting cards into the slot.

In the end, there are only a few improvement suggestions, but I did enjoy this wallet.

FOCX R2 Accountant

The FOCX Accountant wallet provides a fold-over slim wallet that makes cards and cash carry easy in a footprint that makes it front pocket carry a no brainer.

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