Still the hottest thing in town! HELL-BENT’s 3.0 wallet went the distance!

The simplicity of this wallet fools you. “Is that all there is?”, you’d wonder looking at it. But that simplicity was smooth, capable and comfortable. Outside of one small annoyance which a design tweak could resolve, I really enjoyed carrying this wallet.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today I will take you through my long-term carry experience with the Hell-Bent 3.0 medium wallet. I have had it for about three weeks, and it’s been no worse for wear.  Before we get into the likes and dislikes, let’s quickly review the features of the Hell-Bent 3.0 wallet. This is a very simple wallet, which I like. It is a clamshell in nature and has the connections to it. The hinge, is on the back, with two screws that hinge the front and back piece together. It opens very easily by pulling it open. It is the tension that keeps it together. By way of the cards that are in here, it is very easy to thumb them out to get to your contents. I really had very few concerns with it. It is basically one place to store all of your content, which make it very easy.

My general assessment for the clam-style shelled wallet was that I really liked it. I wasn’t really sure how it would operate in day-to-day use, but it worked like a champ. I also had to be careful about carrying anything scratch-worthy in my pocket because of the material. This is aluminum, but in being metal, it would happen with anything like that. Other than that, this thing was fantastic.

I have one of their money clips as well. It actually goes in the slot that’s already there, and it fits quite nicely.  I don’t carry a lot of cash, so it really wasn’t a big issue for me. For the things I really liked, was how nicely it went in and out of my pocket. This thing is thin, smooth, and the aluminum finish made it really function well. The almost complete enclosure around my cards made it very easy and slick to get my cards in and out as well as my pocket. It gave me a thing to fiddle with in my pocket, which I do when I’m standing in long conversation situations.

Being aluminum, it’s light, but it’s also metal. However it didn’t feel very heavy in my pocket at all. I also liked the thumb-out method for pulling out the cards I needed. It’s really much easier than I expected it to be. There are no problems pulling cards out from deep in the stack.

We usually don’t talk about the RFID perspective, but it worked out just fine because of the material it naturally gets that. This is a natural side effect of the material, so I’m not going to give it a hard time about that. Wallet manufacturers should never design products specifically for RFID. It’s a total disservice to the wallet and its longevity.

For the dislikes, the cards would sometimes catch in the back of the hinge when the clam shell was open. Of course, it opens up the hinge on the inside a little bit and, just like that, it kind of keeps it from closing completely, but it’s really just a matter of hitting it in your hand a couple times and it goes back to normal. It’s something to be expected on the design. I’m not going to say this a showstopper, because all I needed to do was knock it in my hand or knock it on my desk or something like that, and it went back just fine.

Overall, I had a great experience with this. This was the medium wallet. I’m sure I could have used the larger wallet more effectively because I did have to remove a few of my go-to cards in order to use it. If you tend to carry over 10 cards I would recommend you go for the larger one. That’s what you get with the Hell-Bent stonewashed aluminum medium wallet. I really love this thing. If you want something that is sleek and simple, you will love this wallet.

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