NarwhalCo’s Eco-Fold makes fabric wallets look so cool!

With vibrant colors and unique one-of-a-kind offerings, the NarwhalCo Eco-fold recycled wallet never lets down. It’ll handle the load you want to give it, then it can shrink back after a washing. Show me a leather wallet that can do that??!! Made to last, the NarwhalCo wallet pen was also very useful for immediate writing needs and fit nicely right in the spine of the wallet.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we are going to go through a long term carry experience with the NarwhalCo, Eco Fold bi-fold wallet. I have been carrying this wallet for the past 24 days.

Before we get into the likes and dislikes, let’s do a quick review of the features of the NarwhalCo, Eco Fold bi-fold wallet. If you look at the wallet, it is a bi-fold and I have stuffed all kinds of cards in here.  If we open it up, we can see that it has two card slots on the left facing up and two card slots on the right facing down. This is called their two up/two down design. They have card slots on the interior left and also card slots on the interior right. They also have the wallet pens you can get, so I got one of those, which has been surprisingly helpful more so than you would think in carrying something around.

From a general assessment perspective, this is a fabric wallet and I really liked it. It can hold all of my cards without a problem and probably more.  It felt really good in my hand and in my pocket. One of the nice features you really don’t get with leather, is with this wallet, if it gets stretched, you can actually throw it in the washing machine and it will tighten right back up again which is really nice. One of the cool things about this company in their line of wallets is that this is made out of recycled fabric that comes in specific long runs, but they also make them out of polyester ties that are recycled.  Polyester really wears like steel, and the fact that each wallet is a one of a kind offering, really makes it unique. I also used their wallet pen, which came in very handy over the time I had it. It wasn’t bulky because it fits right in the center crease of the wallet and folds really nicely. It was the perfect size to use. I thought the two up/two down design would be problematic, as you’d naturally think the cards would fall out when they’re pointed down, but that never happened. The cards actually even themselves out so it closes more evenly, which is kind of nice and it helps you mentally separate your cards of which cards you want in the up or down position.

For the dislikes. I wish it had an exterior quick access card slot that would provide one card that I could use quickly. Otherwise I didn’t find anything about this I didn’t like.

For the likes. It is soft to the touch and easy to use. It is also easy to move around in your pocket. The capacity is very high, and the fact I can really stuff it, then in the future, shrink it back down by washing it is great. You wouldn’t be able to do that with a leather wallet.

If you like the unique bi-fold wallets, this is one for you. If you haven’t looked at NarwhalCo yet, give them a try.

NarwhalCo EcoFold Bifold

Made from recycled polyester material manufactured within the USA, these limited run designs have certified durability ratings; this wallet will last for years.

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