Ridge’s Aluminum band wallet was flawless…for a band wallet

There are inherent design problems with the band wallet category; monolithic stack of cards to deal with, difficulty in organizing and pulling out exactly what you need and what can be a hard time working the deck of cards in and out. But Ridge’s design and specifically the aluminum band we tested proved not only does it function at the highest levels for a band wallet, but their design is specific to help address short-comings in band wallets.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

The wallet I have here is the one I took out for 20 days, and it shows no worse for wear so there’s no need to show a before and after picture.

Before we get into the likes and dislikes let’s quickly review the features of the Ridge Aluminum band wallet.

General assessment is that as a band wallet, and I’ve brought this up in my reviews, it’s one of the best I’ve ever used.  The ease of use directly correlates to the conscientious design decisions the company made. This translates into being able to easily open the wallet for card insertion and extraction, frictionless movement of cards in and out and safety in knowing that what’s put in the cash band won’t be falling out.

Overall, band wallets suffer from the same problem, all your contents are stacked into a single space, with no organizational method provided by the wallet.  What this means is in a normal wallet you have different slots to not only provide organization space, but also can easily retrieve them. In band wallets since you’re working from a monolithic stack, you have to be strategic in how you place your cards.  Putting the most used cards as your first 2-3 on the top and bottom is generally the practice.

Now, if you have more than 6 active cards, then you have a wallet audit problem, but setting that aside, Ridge wallets help alleviate that disadvantage because it’s no big deal to pull the entire stack out and then put them back in.

For the dislikes, I have none directed at Ridge’s offering.  Band wallets have their own issues which I already discussed and Ridge has gone about designing features to ease those problems.  If you have up to the maximum number of cards, the wallet begins to feel like a deck of cards in your pocket. If you’re truly using it as a minimalist wallet, then it’s a wonderful experience.

For the likes, Ridge has enhanced the ability of the band wallet category through their offering by what I mentioned during this review.  Ease of transitioning cards in and out, easy opening of the sandwich, ability to easily fix the wallet if something goes wrong, and feeling confident my contents are secure.

And there you go, if you like band wallets and haven’t looked at Ridge yet, give them a try.

If you’d like to see the full review of this product, please see the banner above.  Thanks for joining us and as always, leave us a comment on your experience with this wallet. 

The Ridge - Original

The Ridge wallet is an excellent band wallet. It’s materials and presentation provide a great experience.

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