Trayvax Contour is tough, but card access can be tougher.

Carrying the Trayvax Contour for 3 weeks taught me a few things, 1) this is a well engineered and made wallet, wonderful materials and craftsmanship, 2) it’s heavy, due to all the things in #1, and 3) while cash is easy to get to, there’s no easy way to extract your cards, and it scratches your top card (so be careful). Other than that, I really enjoyed it and so did everyone who saw it.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today I will be taking you through my long-term carry experience of the Travax Contour Slim wallet.  I carried it for three weeks, and nothing serious really happened to it by way of dropping it or anything severe, but you can see the original review of the wallet.

My general assessment is that this functions as marketed. I have never had issues with the screw pin and it never came loose on me. Once I set it, it was great.  I was able to unlatch the grommet from the pin with one hand. It was pretty easy to do, so when I was in a rush, I would just flip it out and it gave me access to the cards that I wanted. It is very robust and protects the contents without any issues from anything that may come to it. The cards themselves don’t have any real backing except for the leather itself, and it is protected on the front with a stainless steel metal piece that’s part of it.

For the likes, it is a very interesting design. The wallet always made for good conversation when people saw it. The engineering is obvious in the fit, finish, and quality of the system. It really feels solid in your hands. I didn’t have a problem pulling cash out of the back. I would just pull it out and get to it. I liked the pin adjustment function as well, because it gives you the ability to adjust it if the leather stretches out, and all of the pins in the front, can be adjusted as well. Therefore, as the leather potentially stretches, you can make adjustments with it.

Now for the dislikes. It scratches up the first card on the top. This somewhat defeats the purpose of carrying your ID, or quick access card because it will end up permanently damaged.  I have had others tell me to put a dummy card in there, which I did, but I wanted to use that slot and wasn’t able to do it. The wallet is also a little bit heavy, which isn’t a surprise due to the materials that are used, which of course makes it as solid as it is. The eyelet pokes out of your pocket quite a bit which is kind of an annoyance. For the amount of opportunity you would use the eyelet, I don’t know if it is really worth it.

Pulling cards out was kind of a bother, as you had to push from the bottom. Not having quick access to the cards was really the biggest concern I had with this. An easy access slot for a card or two might have been useful. I tried to do that with the cash slot in the leather, but it just bent the cards.

So overall, if you’re looking for a wallet with engineering excellence that can really take abuse and still look awesome, then you will really love this wallet. And, if you do put wallets through a lot of abuse, you will really like this wallet because it will hold up for you really nicely. So there you go.

Trayvax Contour Minimalist Wallet

The pinnacle of Trayvax’s wallet line, the Contour shows the company's engineering, materials and finish expertise.

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