TROVE’s Swift wallet exceeded my expectations!

As a band wallet, you don’t get any more functional than the TROVE Swift. The thoughtful design maximizes all the space possible (with the exception of possibly putting a small coin slot in the leather area), which keeps the footprint as minimal as possible. I carried a load of cards and found no issues.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today I am going to take you through my long-term carry experience with the Trove Swift wallet. This thing has been awesome, but before we get into my general assessments, likes and dislikes, let’s do a quick review of the features on The Trove Swift wallet. The thing that makes the Swift, is the pull tab, which we will get into, but essentially it is a band wallet that has three slots in it. From the top there is a main slot, which is where you would keep most of your cards that are probably archive-related and things you don’t pull out very often. On the back side and the bottom, there is an area for cards. Also on the back is your quick-access cards that includes a pull tab. The pull tab card slot is where you would store the cards you would have immediate access to, and/or you could put cash in there as well. This makes it very handy as it is all very tight so there would be no issues of cards or cash falling out. This performed really well. For a full review of this wallet, please click here.

It may not look like it, given its size, but the features and functions make this one of my favorite wallets, and it could easily become my daily carry and I would be very happy about it.

They are only available from the United Kingdom. I know there is a distributor in the United States, but I would just order directly from their site because you get better customization from them. This particular wallet is customized. I customized the color of the leather that I wanted. This is a full grain veg tan leather. I was also able to choose the color of the elastic and the stitching. You can even add a custom image to the front on this leather in a printed way that looks really cool. They have a custom build wizard that is really awesome, and if you are going to buy this wallet, I would highly recommend going to their site and doing it that way.

Now for my likes, the three pockets provide plenty of organizational space for this type of wallet and footprint. If you want more, then you should go with a bigger wallet, but if you like the middle style here, then this really provides a lot of space. The extraction using the swift pull tab is very easy and putting the cards back is just as simple. This tab is just the right size by way of the pull portion, but it isn’t so big that it sticks out. It is just enough that you are able to grab it without it flopping around. It is really the perfect size. The elastic holds everything in really well.

Now, my dislikes. I honestly had none. I really like this wallet for what it provided in its footprint and the wallet category. Again, if you like this type of wallet, it doesn’t get much better than this. And there you go. This is a great little wallet. If you don’t have one and you collect wallets, then you really, you should try this. I think you would really enjoy it.


TROVE products have produced amazing capacity in a slim footprint and the Swift is the balance between them all with card storage with quick access as well as cash carry in a flexible package.

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