Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet // very little to complain about!

Unlike other wallets, the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet didn't have anything significant to complain about, it worked very well and looked great!

Unlike other wallets, the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet didn’t have anything significant to complain about, it worked very well and looked great!

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Recently, the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet was reviewed. Following that it was taken on a test carry for almost two months.

From a feature perspective, the wallet back has a quick access card slot. This worked wonderfully in the test, it was very practical and that is what was used most of the time. It could carry two to three cards and so the wallet rarely had to be opened up. When done so, the flap is really secure and not hard to open nor hard to close. The cards hold very well in place, often cards were taken out and slipped back in under in the front, they never came out. This wallet offers a great option for when inserting cards which could be accessed without opening.

Inside the wallet, there are several options for cards, one in the front and one in the back, which sums up to two card slots, in addition to the cash area, which provides great access. The cash can be folded once, and it can hold a lot of bills. It also offers the cash wrap method accessibility; with it, cash would come all the way up and fold over, but it works better when folded just once. There were no issues with any currency even when folded only once, and the cards fit just fine, thanks to the wallet’s width. The company recommends seven to eight cards and up to 20 slips of cash. If cash is used frequently, then managing it as a wrap might be a better way of doing it. Otherwise, there is no reason to fiddle with it. Therefore, folding the cash once and putting it in the back is rather sufficient.

The likes of the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet are the exterior card slot, which is what makes this wallet very functional. Wallets of this size do not always have quick access card slots, but this is fantastic, and I used it 90% of the time. The rest of usage was for convenience cards or when getting access to cash. Moreover, unlike a lot of wallets, the flap is not fiddly, it comes up easily and allows easy access to cards in the front slot. The front card access is really good for the second tier cards, which are used as needed. Finally, it does fit nicely in the pocket, whether front or back, and the wider stance of this wallet permits the cards to spread out a bit, helping to give the illusion of slimness.

As great as this wallet works, it still has some dislikes and usage suggestions. Once reaching the back slot, digging is required, and that even applies to the card slot in the back. Cash on the other hand, worked just fine because the wallet opens up wide permitting good access to cash or cards. Therefore, it becomes a matter of how often the back of the wallet will be used.

The comments received about this wallet are that it is a bit wide. It could be slimmed down a few millimeters, but that might affect the cash wrap component. It then comes down to why companies build separate wallets for currencies. This width handles all currencies, but in certain locations where the notes are smaller like the North American currencies and Australian dollars, it could be made a little thinner, and that would work just fine.

The leather is wonderful and very pleasant, so in the end, there are not a lot of dislikes, instead, just some suggestions. Besides, carrying a high-quality leather wallet is a great experience, no matter what, as long as the capacity and the features meet your requirements.

The Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet is a nice wallet that should be enjoyed and considered as an addition to your wallet collection.

Willow Craft Goods - Luxe

Handmade in every step, the Willow Craft Goods Luxe wallet exudes quality materials, craftsmanship, design and thoughtfulness of usability.

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