Best Wallet Reviews

Finding the right wallet can be a challenge with the hundreds of options on the market.  Looking for your next wallet begins with choosing your initial style.  Is it a Slim, Bifold, Trifold, or Zipper?  On this page your search will start by first choosing your type of wallet.

Top 10 Wallets of 2020

Mark’s Top 10 Wallets of 2020

Mark goes over his Top 10 Wallets 2020. Mark prefers minimalist wallets, but you will find a few bifold wallets, metal wallets and of course leather wallets in this lineup!

Top 5 Unique Wallets - Round 1

Top 5 Unique Wallets // Round 1!

Wallets come in all types and varieties, they’re not all the same. The Top 5 Unique Wallets Round 1 presents 5 of the best 5 unique wallets we’ve found so far.

Top 5 Bifold Wallets review

2019 Top 5 Bifold Wallets

Anticipated Top 5 Bifold Wallet list of 2019! Mitchel Leather MCW, Rareform Highland, Allett Ultra ID, Deal Nora Slim and TUMI Gussett wallet.

2019 Top 5 Slim wallets

2019 Top 5 Slim Wallets

Anticipated Top 5 Slim Wallet list of 2019! Craft & Lore Port, Anson Calder Cash Plus, Das Offene Meer Gun Deck Quickdraw, Mamut Brut and Anson Calder Cash wallet.

Grip6 Wallet review

Grip6 wallet v2, high quality, continuous improvement

Despite a difficult Kickstarter, the Grip6 wallet finally hit the market. Overcoming specific problems from the version 1 wallet, the final version, with it’s different models, offers something for everyone

Tauruscamp Grain Wallet

Tauruscamp Grain Wallet, design and functional excellence!

The effort that went into designing the Tauruscamp Grain Wallet demonstrates that watching and listening to customers provides great returns when creating leather wallets in Singapore! The carry balance and functionality makes this a must have wallet.

Trayvax OG 2.0 wallet

Trayvax OG 2.0 tactical EDC excellence!

Building off their first successful OG wallet, the Trayvax OG 2.0 is feature packed in a simple footprint that makes you smile every time you take it out.

Rose Anvil Claude wallet

Rose Anvil Claude wallet, too simple to be useful?

When you first look at the Rose Anvil Claude wallet you wonder if it’s too simple to be useful. The answer is no as it provides the right amount of carry capacity while not getting in the way.

Nutsac Clipster wallet

Nutsac Clipster wallet review // capable capacity with rough spots

Solid and functional, the Nutsac Clipster wallet review shows the good and the areas of improvement needed. Overall, it’s a competent wallet with great capacity and interesting cash clip layout is attractive for organization, segregation of cash and cards and usability.

Popov Leather 5 Card Wallet

Popov Leather 5 Card Wallet, unimpressive or perfectly simple?

Why cant smell-o-vision be real!? The beautiful leather smell of the Popov Leather 5 Card Wallet is alluring enough to get one. But the perfectly functional dimensions, ease of use and amazing customer service makes this a great daily carry option.

Airo Collective Stealth wallet

Airo Stealth wallet, the world’s thinnest wallet?!

Your answer is yes, pretty much the thinnest. That comes with compromises, but the Airo Stealth wallet is impressive no matter how you look at it. Cash and cards are easy to carry and you barely feel it in your pocket, what more could you ask for?

Pioneer Carry Flyfold

The Pioneer Carry Flyfold is an astronauts wallet!

Using innovative 10XD ripstop fabric created for the Pioneer Carry Flyfold, it behaves and matures like leather, but is stronger than steel. Design or the needs of active individuals and those looking for a cool material offering, the Flyfold is what your astronaut friends would be carrying!

Bellroy Coin Wallet

Bellroy Coin Wallet, is thicker better?

Ready to take on coin carry the Bellroy Coin Wallet packs in a lot of features, but in so doing makes it more of a thick, back pocket wallet. Are we ready for this?

Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet review

Does the Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet design work?

The Frenchie Co.’s compact, magnetic closure, trifold has a unique design and makes good use of quick access pull straps for the “speed” portion, but do those things make it efficient or clumsy?

England Flatwallet wallet review

England’s Flatleather delivers a unique handmade trifold; but would you carry it?

Made in England of full grain leather, the completely handmade Flatwallet III model has a unique take on the traditional trifold wallet. Flatleather doesn’t rush anything, and the resulting wallet shows by delivering a clever, functional design that is fun to use. You’ll get plenty of inquisitive looks and questions when you pull this wallet out.

WateField Finn Access wallet review

WaterField Finn Access wallet, too good to be true?

No matter where you search for a zipper wallet, the WaterField Finn Access wallet always floats to the top of the list. But does it really tick all the boxes for the near perfect zipper wallet for everyday carry?

Bellroy Card Pocket Zipper wallet review

Bellroy Card Pocket Zipper wallet might be too small

Pushing the limits, the Bellroy Card Pocket Zipper wallet designers made it as small as functionally possible. Outside of a one usability issue, it works pretty well and is a great front pocket wallet for cards, cash, coins and even a SIM card.

Aer Cardholder wallet review

Aer Card Holder wins as your rough and tumble daily carry wallet!

Made from durable Cordura ballistic nylon, the Aer Card Holder wallet can handle any abuse you can throw at it. Sophisticated enough to be used in a business setting, but tough enough to handle travel, camping or a day at the beach, you’ll love the capacity….if you’re okay with the length.

Undivided zipper wallet review

Is Undivided’s zipper wallet too compact to be usable?

Undivided has a very simple, small and easy to use zipper wallet that is not your typical zipper wallet. But is something so small easy to use? The answer is a quick yes and that simplicity is what makes this not your usually bulky zipper wallet.

OKA Leather wallet review

En Enishi’s zipper wallet is a great find from Japan

Available on the Etsy equivalent of Japan, individual maker En Enishi produces wonderful leather products including this Horween leather L-shaped leather zipper wallet. With extensive features on the interior, the amazing quality makes this a long-term durable wallet.

NODUS zipper wallet review

Zipper coin wallet from NODUS has ample room in a small package

Cards, cash, coins, keys and more can be placed in the NODUS coin zipper wallet. In a small footprint, it can carry up to 16 cards along with anything else you’d like without acting like you’re a pocket hoarder. The full-grain, veg tanned Italian leather is soft, smells great and the zipper acts like it will be around for a while.

Anson Calder zipper wallet review

Anson Calder lets us down easy on the Cash Zipper wallet

Excited to get into the Anson Calder Cash Zipper wallet, the lack of design thought on the interior, funky leather smell, and overreach on price turned me off a bit. That said, the quality of the exterior leather, craftsmanship and durable zipper still makes this one of the best zipper wallets on the market.