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DangoTrayvax Website Thumbnail

Why compare the Dango M1 Rail and Trayvax Contour?

Comparing a Dango and Trayvax wallet is tough, the similarities are few, but it can be done to understand what creates devoted owners of both of these brands. So we’re looking at the Dango M1 Rail wallet and the Trayvax Contour.

TroveVBAX Website Thumbnail

TROVE Swift vs VBAX – are they that different?

Many requests have come in for a comparison between the TROVE Swift and VBAX wallets. They’re the same design and features, but there are subtle differences which can help you decide which one is best for you!

BellroySlimComp Website Thumbnail

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Original vs Designer Edition!

Wonder what the difference is between the Bellroy Slim Sleeve Original and Designer Edition? Well, besides the $139 price tag for the Designer Edition, there are a few differences which make it stand out as a worthwhile wallet purchase

Ridge Aviator Website Thumbnail

Is the Aviator wallet better than the Ridge? You’ll be surprised

Extensive feature review and usage understanding comparing the differences between the Ridge Aluminum wallet and the Aviator wallet. Both are band wallets, but there are distinctions that if you’re wondering which one is better or the one you should buy, you should watch this review.

Ridge Pirna Website Thumbnail

Tear down and comparison of the Ridge and Pirna Carbon Fiber wallets

Ridge’s band wallet design was launched off of kickstarter in 2013 and since then has gradually refined the design into the successful platform we see today. In 2019, Pirna shipped their carbon fiber wallet which looks and functions exactly like the Ridge. We take them apart and compare them to see what’s what.

COMP Ridge 2 Website Thumbnail

Ridge Aluminum, Titanium, Carbon Fiber

With the model and construction being the same on all Ridge wallets, many speculate that the material is driving the price you pay. We look at the cost of the material, weigh the material of the wallets and take one apart to understand the value of the material to the cost.

Secrid Ekster Website Thumbnail

Secrid Original and Ekster Parliament, it’s a BOXing match!

Secrid’s Original Cardprotector wallet introduced the box, pop-up wallet to the world. While not their most recent offering, it’s what launched a million knockoffs. Ekster has come into the market with a unique offering around the box. This video performs an in-depth comparison between them.

Ekster Compare Website Thumnbail

Ekster Parliament and Senate Wallet

Built around the same card slider box mechanism, the Ekster Parliament and Senate fulfill different feature and carry needs, watch for the full understanding.

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