ALPAKA Ark Card and UP v2 Cardholder wallet REVIEW

Alpaka, best known for their backpacks, slings and other travel gear released the Ark Card wallet and the UP v2 Cardholder. Alpaka Ark card wallet review is on deck.

If you’re someone who appreciates top-notch backpacks, slings, and pouches, then you’re already familiar with ALPAKA, a brand that consistently delivers exceptional quality. Recently, they expanded their product line with two intriguing additions – the ARK Card and the UP Cardholder V2 wallets. As a fervent enthusiast of their offerings, I couldn’t wait to dive into these new wallet gems, so let’s get straight into the Alpaka Ark card wallet review.

Unboxing the ALPAKA Wallets

Opening the meticulously designed envelope pouches that house these wallets, it’s clear that ALPAKA’s Australian roots are proudly represented. However, the skilled assembly in Shenzhen, China, adds a global touch to the mix. With the packaging aside, it’s time to explore these wallets in detail.

ARK Card Wallets: A Study in Sleekness

The ARK wallet arrives in a sleek black shade, although a stylish dark green version is also available. While it starts as a conventional card holder, it takes a delightful twist with its vertical orientation. The wallet features elegant leather accents for the card slots and a convenient pull strap that adds an extra layer of convenience.

The UP Cardholder V2 doesn’t offer a distinct aroma, but it excels as a reliable card carrier. This version boasts two exterior card slots and a remarkable interior pull strap mechanism that not only catches the eye but also ensures easy access to your cards and cash.


The ARK Card measures 2.91 by 3.94 by 0.2 inches, with a weight of 24 grams (or 0.8 ounces). On the other hand, the UP Cardholder V2 is notably smaller at 2.48 by 3.66 by 0.3 inches and a mere 15 grams.

Both wallets are designed to comfortably hold four to six cards, thanks to the non-stretch X-Pac material they’re crafted from. My test with two cards in each slot revealed ample space for two slips of cash in the UP wallet. The inclusion of a loop in the UP Cardholder ensures your cards remain securely in place.

Designed in Australia and expertly crafted in China, these wallets feature X-Pac VX21 fabric sourced from the USA. This material is waterproof, UV-proof, and showcases a durable sailcloth pattern. The ARK wallet’s nylon ripstop interior ensures high visibility and enhanced card security.

alpaka ark card wallet review
Card and Cash Insertion Test

Design Details

The UP Cardholder V2 stands out with its vertical orientation, indicated by the “UP” in its name. Leather accents atop the card slots and the thoughtfully sandwiched pull strap add an elegant touch while enhancing functionality.

The ARK Card and the UP Cardholder V2 are both priced very reasonably. These price points consider both labor and materials used in their construction, making them a fantastic value.

ALPAKA’s expansion into wallet production showcases their expertise extends beyond their signature backpacks, slings, and pouches. Both wallets earn high marks: Quality is a solid five, with a reasonable price of three. Features and usability each earn a respectable three, while perception scores a commendable four. The overall score stands at an impressive four out of five, making these wallets an excellent choice for anyone seeking style and functionality.

In Conclusion

ALPAKA’s ARK Card and UP Cardholder V2 are more than just wallets – they’re your stylish and practical companions for everyday adventures. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your everyday carry with these wallet gems!

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