Anson Calder Card Plus, Cash, Billfold and Cash Zipper wallets!

We’ve taken Anson Calder’s 4 major wallets a compared them to each other, showing their similarities, differences and final ratings to each other.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we’re going to do a comparison review of four Anson Calder wallets. The cash wallet plus, the cash wallet, bifold wallet, and the cash zipper wallet. 

We will begin with the card plus wallet. The card plus wallet can hold up to 12 cards, of course that’s after it’s stretched. It’s a great little wallet because it has the capability of holding a ton of cards. There are three slots. We have a slot in the front, one in the back, and an opening in the middle. This wallet, like all Anson Calder wallets, has quick thumb access on their wallet which gives you quick access to the cards. It also provides a slot for money. The problem with this wallet though is that you have a hard time getting access to the cards that are in the center. You almost have to remove the cards in the front or the back to gain access to it, but other than that it works pretty well. It can hold up to 12 cards and 3 slips of cash folded over twice. The cash capacity is low and it can’t accommodate coins. It has a slim profile and can work in the front or back pocket. For greater detail please look to the full review.

Now we move onto the cash wallet. Again, in the line of Anson Calder products this provides more cash capacity than cards, but it still can hold up to 12 cards and like all of them, it has the capability of a front card slot as well as a back card slot. You can put cards in the center area, but it is really meant for cash. When you put cash folded over once it fits in here and goes in almost all the way. You see how the cash is sticking out? I think this is by design, otherwise you are going to be folding your cash over twice, and then it becomes really bulky. That’s not really attractive is not a slim wallet, so I think they did this on purpose. A lot of people have opinions on this because they don’t like to have their cash showing, and it kind of looks sloppy. There is a quick access thumb push in the front which is great and you also have one on the back. It can hold up to 12 cards, and 3 to 8 slips of cash folded over once. It can’t accommodate coins and it is very slim, so it does have a slim profile and can fit in both the front and back pocket. For greater detail please look to the full review.

Now we move on to the billfold wallet. It opens like a billfold and has primarily a billfold space for cash. There are no features on the outside, but, like all Anson Calder wallets, there are two card slots within the billfold area. It has the capacity of holding up to 14 cards and that’s after the leather has broken in. You can use the quick thumb push to get your cards out, but it only has two slots.

If we take our cash and put it in here, it fits nicely and is made for U.S. and Canadian currency. It fits perfectly. They do sell a higher version for foreign currencies like Euros, Yen, and so forth. The company says this wallet can accommodate up to 14 cards. I think this is a nice design that has the ability for you to really stretch out the card slots over time to make use of the card capacity which is 14 and can handle 3 to 12 pieces of cash. It only has two quick access card slots. It has high cash capacity, and can’t accommodate coins. It is a very slim profile and can accommodate front and back pocket capabilities. For greater detail please look to the full review.

Now let’s look at the cash zipper wallet. This is obviously not a pinnacle line, it’s really top of the line price wise for sure, but as a zipper it provides more capacity. I performed a carry test on this wallet with some interesting results. As with all Anson Calder wallets, we have two card slots, one in the front, one in the back. There are two additional slots that are in the interior zipper part of this wallet.

Cash will just rest inside the zipper pouch and can be folded over once for U.S. and Canadian currency. Foreign currency, Yen, Euro, and so forth, doesn’t work very well because it gets caught in the zipper. It has a quick thumb access so it can hold up to 18 cards, but that’s between four different slots. Two slots are on the outside and two are on the inside. It can accommodate coins as well as about anything else because this zipper keeps things from falling out. It is capable of a front or back pocket, but when it’s folded it really doesn’t have a slim profile, although it’s really not that bad. For greater detail please look to the full review.

These four wallets are all made from a leather made from a 16th century tannery in France. They have come out with a different kind of leather called a sport leather. It is an Italian leather which is  carefully designed to withstand the increased wear and tear that comes from an active lifestyle, and costs a lot less. The patented coating on the exterior of the sports leather is water and stain resistant and it only comes in non RFID.

There have been some price adjustments on these four wallets since we’ve purchased them, but all of the non sport models are made from calfskin leather. All of the manufacturing happens in the United States. I think the cash zipper failed a little bit because it wasn’t living up to the reputation of the other three wallets.

I think the features were wonderful across the board. For usability, the billfold was a little clumsy, but the rest of them had high marks at a four. From a perception perspective, high marks go to the cash plus, cash and billfold. The cash zipper however, not really. It seemed rushed in the design, especially on the interior. I don’t think it was all that great.

So there you go, four beautiful wallets compared. We appreciate you taking the time to read this all the way through if you made it all the way through and we’ll talk to you again.

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