Bankr vs Ridge wallet, different, but does it matter?

There are many sandwich band wallets on the market, but Bankr vs Ridge wallet is what many wonder about. Are they really that different or do they have almost too much in common?

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today’s comparison is between the Bankr Stack and the Ridge band wallets. Both of these are made of aluminum. The Ridge comes in a solid box and includes a torque wrench due to it having screws. This gives you the ability to replace anything that may go wrong, specifically the band. The Bankr also comes packaged in a solid box. It is very slim and minimalistic looking with clean lines. However, with the Bankr, there isn’t any way to disconnect the front and back plate. The company confirmed this, yet indicated they would provide a 50% discount if you wanted to order another wallet.

I was able to place eight cards in both wallets. They each have a beveled lip which allows cards to go in very easily. Both wallets are very comparable in how they hold cash. The money clip is optional with the Bankr which slips into the slot that is provided. The Ridge comes with a cash strap or clip, and is integrated into the wallet.

The Bankr offers sixteen different colors and patterns for their wallets, whereas the Ridge offers three different material options.

The Bankr is .3 inches thick and weighs 72 grams. The Ridge measures 0.2 inches thick and weighs 59 grams.

The overall comparisons are fairly equal. The usability score was a little lower on the Bankr, because of the money clip. If it had been a little stronger, it would have received a higher score. The final score on the Bankr is 3.2 and the Ridge is 3.5.

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