Bellroy Slim Sleeve vs. Aurochs Gravity // the same or different?

Today we do a comparison between the Bellroy Slim Sleeve vs. Auroch Gravity wallets to determine if they're essentially the same or different enough?

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today’s comparison is between the Bellroy Slim Sleeve and the Aurochs Gravity.

There are no exterior features on either of these wallets except for the sewing on the Bellroy which is where the interior pull strap is secured. On the interior of the Bellroy, there is a card slot on both the left and right hand side. On the Aurochs, there are two card slots on the left and two card slots on the right. The Aurochs also has a SIM card and a tool push slot that is available to you. The Aurochs cash slot is on the rear, left-hand side. This is where all currencies, folded once work very well.

Bellroy’s pull strap is made out of leather with reinforced stitching on both the exterior and interior which will help prevent it from pulling out and breaking. The pull strap on the Aurochs is very similar. The strap head is very slim on both, which means it doesn’t get in the way. The pull strap is made from a thin cut of leather. On the Aurochs, if you look closely, you can see it doesn’t have the same level or reinforcement and is already starting to pull away slightly and could completely rip over time.

It is pretty common knowledge that the Slim Sleeve has really set the standard for these particular kinds of wallet designs. Many other companies are trying to emulate this same format, and Aurochs is no different in what they are trying to do.

I put five slips of cash in the Bellroy Slim Sleeve and folded it once. It folds perfectly and doesn’t interfere in the rear of the spine. The Slim Sleeve has a smaller footprint and is not going to be able to handle cash other than US currency. I was also able to get five pieces of cash in the Aurochs just fine. Yen and Euro fit as well, so that’s an advantage of the Aurochs over the Bellroy.

The Bellroy weighs 29 grams and the Aurochs weighs 54 grams.

For height, the Bellroy measures 3.6”, whereas the Aurochs is 4.2”. For width, the Bellroy is 3” and the Aurochs is 3.1”. For thickness, the Bellroy is 0.2”, while the Aurochs is 0.5”. Overall the Bellroy is smaller and slimmer in all aspects, which means it will rest more flat in your pocket.

From a usability perspective, I find them both to be very competent. I actually carried both of them and did full reviews which you can see in the notes. The leather on the Aurochs feels a bit more substantial, whereas the Bellroy leather is cut very thin for style, design, and use of this particular product.

For the final score, both wallets came out with the same final score, with a lot of it coming down to the quality of the design, materials and how you intend to use it.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

One of Bellroy's best selling wallet, it brings the perfect balance between cards and cash with easy access while being thin and light.

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Aurochs Gravity

Aurochs Gravity is a product of our obsession with functional designs that make carrying easy, comfortable and fun.

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