Ridge, Ekster, Akeeni AIRTAG wallet COMPARED

Three of the most popular wallets, the Ridge, Ekster and AKEENI now have AirTag offerings. The Ridge AirTag wallet is an accessory that attaches to your Ridge wallet, with the Ekster AirTag wallet review showing how the clever Cardholder adapts to hold an AirTag. And finally the AKEENI XSTO AirTag wallet shows the strongest of the three in securing and maintaining your AirTags but is the most time consuming to install on the case. Which do you prefer?

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

In this review, we have got the AKEENi XSTO AirTag wallet, the Ekster AirTag cardholder, and The Ridge. This latter is the puck cup that attaches to any ridge wallet.

Starting with XSTO AirTag, it is a keen eye that knows that this is something interesting, the way this is put together is really interesting. I opted for their rhino gray and the silver AirTag housing, but it also comes in jet black in the body as well as the AirTag. Besides, you can kind of mix them if you want. It also comes in a four, six, eight, and 10 card version. 

The Ekster has a little opening where you can put your finger to help get it out because it fits quite tight and therefore it is not always easy. This is the AirTag cardholder and I have it in a graphite color, and it also comes in black. It is equipped with a backplate for extra cards, which is expandable and can be pulled out, and is RFID. It is supposed to hold six cards, it does snap back, but those are a little too many cards.

Finally, the Ridge, I call it the puck cup. It is not a modified ridge wallet, but it provides the modification for the ability to put an AirTag on it. In this review, we will be looking at the bottom piece, but if you are interested in the full review of the wallets themselves, please look at the notes section of the video.

How does each wallet handle the AirTag? 

Starting with the AKEENi, AirTag is all held in with screws. Therefore, the way to get to it is by pulling out the retention card where you put nice business cards or the credit cards that you want. The spring on it is a great one, it helps maintain cash underneath as well as cards on top. It has hooks on either side, it lifts, pushes, dislodges, and then can be removed. If we flip it we see the screw holes. This was provided with a little tool that we can use to pull it out. With these tools, we are able to get the puck in and do the reverse process. Watch the video for more details on how I handled the spring, the clip, and the cardholder. You will see that the AirTag has no chance of falling out for any reason whatsoever, it is very flush. To the top, it will still receive some scuffing and that kind of thing as we go along, but it is not protruding, which is different from a lot of the other AirTag wallets. 

The Ekster Air cardholder is silicon and on the back plate, it has a resting slot for the AirTag. Watch the video for more details and you will see that it does provide some protection on the edges. It does protrude a bit, so it will scuff, but it is not bad looking at all. 

The Ridge, the puck cup, is a bit involved and I want to kind of take you through how this functions. We start with the carbon fiber portion, it is very light and very strong and has a felt insert. Lots of attention has gone into making sure that the AirTag does not move around. Although it makes a lot of noise, it also comes with a little adhesive that you put on top of your AirTag. You are provided with two of them, I have used one, and when you put it face down, it actually secures itself to the top and stops the rattling. Next, you have the adhesive ring that comes with two, and you have the steel insert that goes on top and right at the lip on the edge, then you press down. That holds in the AirTag as well as provides the mechanisms through these clips to attach to The Ridge wallet. 

We have a Ridge Damascus that I really, really like. The puck cup goes at the end, but it has clips on it that are pretty extensive way out far, and it is a bit hard to see, but there is an opening, a slot in there and in between. I have kind of loosened the screws a wee bit to take them out for the sake because we do need them out in order to fit the clips properly. I opened up the end and it makes a little bit of a gap. Now as we push *  in, it is flush and occupies all that extra space in the grooves. As we push it in, it clicks and this helps secure it and hold it down. The clips actually go in far enough to connect with the grooves that are on the interior, channels that hold the elastic.

When you reattach the screws you have got an AirTag that is solid and not going anywhere. Besides, it does not rattle, which is perfect. Being carbon fiber, I think this works really well with lots of different colors of The Ridge wallet. 

The AKEENi is designed and made in the United States. The AirTag holder appears to be made from aluminum. The Ekster is designed in the Netherlands but made in China. It is an integrated combination between this backplate, which is aluminum, and the silicon strap, which cradles the AirTag, and you can kind of tap it or make a little bit of noise there. If we look at The Ridge, carbon fiber AirTag, it is designed in the United States and made in China. The AirTag cup is carbon fiber, which is secured with the adhesive steel ring to the base and the clips that go on the interior.

An important item when carrying wallets is to ensure that you have at least one side of the wallet that is flat to rest against your leg when it is in your pocket. If both sides of the wallet have pokey bits, then it is very uncomfortable to carry. So if we look at the AKEENi first, since the cards are inserted on the flat side, having the AirTag opposite works very well. Also, the AirTag will then fit nicely in your palm and cuddle up when your hand is there to pull it out and put it back. Now, if your wallet is stolen and has the AirTag in it, with the AKEENi, there is no question that if the AirTag is noticed, the thief would immediately remove it and throw it away. Well, with the implantation of the AirTag in the AKEENi, the only option a thief has is to empty the contents and toss the entire wallet, so the upside is that you might lose the contents of your wallet, but you will still find your wallet. 

Whereas with the Ekster AirTag holder, it is a simple task, you just peel the strap away, get the AirTag out, chuck it, and they could keep the wallet. But seriously, all they are going to get are just the cards they eject and whatever is behind the backplate. There are no issues in carrying it since we have a nice flat side. You put it in your pocket and can handle it to a palm. It is very, very unobtrusive, and that is because you have the AirTag that is also in this indentation as part of the backplate, the profile has been reduced as much as possible. The one issue I have always had with the latest generation of the Eksters is that they use a silicon strap and it is a bit grippy and tends to attract lint, dirt and such that kind of stuff. I liked it better when it was elastic, but regardless of that, it seems to work just fine.

The carbon fiber case for the AirTag Ridge, since it is secured fairly well to the wallet, leaves the thief very little to do except dump the entire wallet. But then again, with it being so simple, pulling all the contents out is not a big deal to do before chucking it. However, considering the cost, they may want to keep it, or may not want to go through the effort. So depending on that, you might have a chance to recover your wallet.

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