What’s NEW? Ekster vs SECRID; Cardholder & Cardprotector COMPARE

The SECRID Cardprotector is the original box card holder, but the Ekster Cardholder has evolved to be a serious competitor for usability and quality. So what's new with Ekster vs SECRID? This comparison and review will give you an update on these RFID, slim wallet options

The SECRID Cardprotector is the original box card holder, but the Ekster Cardholder has evolved to be a serious competitor for usability and quality. So what’s NEW between the Ekster vs SECRID? This comparison and review will give you an update on these RFID, slim wallet options

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

The aluminum Cardholder from Ekster is the newer sexier version of the Senate. But how does it compare to the SECRID, the original box wallet? Which one is my favorite? And which one should you buy?

Starting with the SECRID, the box itself is also the packaging. I did order the Cardprotector and also the Moneyband, which is attractive and comes in all kinds of colors and different textures.  The Cardprotector is just the box itself, and the Moneyband is needed to make this a fair comparison. It is pushed over the top, slid on down, centered, and there we have our SECRID Cardprotector with the Moneyband. 

The Ekster, the aluminum brushed black version, is a recent release of theirs. Their packaging is really nice, very compact, and has a little push hole to get the wallet out smoothly. It is accompanied by a silicon band versus the elastic we got with the SECRID.

From a features perspective, the Ekster aluminum cardholder has one interior card slot and, of course, the eject button below. It can hold up a varying number of cards between one and six, depending on embossed or non-embossed cards. Moreover, it has an exterior card plate that is really nice. It is held in place by the silicon strap that I previously mentioned, which keeps everything in place while maintaining the back plate so it does not shift around a lot. I do not think it is as flexible as the elastic version, but it gives a great look. It is very clean, and of course, it is all RFID protected by default, because it is in metal and this is aluminum. It measures 4.2 x 2.5 x 0.4” and weighs 81 grams or 2.9 ounces. 

The SECRID Cardprotector with the Moneyband has an interior card slot that can hold up to six cards, similar to the Ekster, which also depends on the cards whether they are embossed or non-embossed. Its injector button is on the bottom, and It is tucked away a bit. The Moneyband provides the capacity to put other types of cards, cash, or whatever it might be, but especially cards that do not fit the standard size cards, such as insurance cards, metro passes, or anything you want to have exposed a bit as the band does not provide privacy and leave the content exposed, unlike what we see with the Ekster back plate. This box is also RFID shielded because it is made of extruded aluminum. It measures 3.8 x 2.5 x 0.4” and weighs 50 grams or 1.8 ounces. 

Back to the question, what is there to like about the SECRID?

To be honest, the Cardprotector is what started it all with box wallets in the ejector category. With simplicity and ease of use, the trigger has a solid reputation with longevity in the marketplace. It is constantly updated with features, including engineering that continues to be updated based on the learnings they get from their customers and the marketplace. I do like this band, and I like elastic a little bit more because it is easier to work with and has a lot more flexibility than the silicon band, and I think it works just fine.

The Ekster is designed in the Netherlands and made in China. It is made from a 6061 T6 aluminum, and you will notice that there is not very much inserted into this. All the mechanics come in the insert at the bottom. It presents excellent durability and functional stability over other box wallets that screw the front and back together, being a single piece of aluminum. 

The SECRID Cardprotector is designed and made in the Netherlands from an aluminum billet, which has been extruded to create the box. The interior walls comprise an insert that goes down both sides and an insert that comes up from the bottom maintaining the trigger and the lifter mechanism.

The Ekster comes with a 14 day full refund and 60-day exchange guarantee. Furthermore, the Ekster wallet has a unique serial number as well. The SECRID, on the other hand, comes with a two-year guarantee and a 60-day return policy, and like the Ekster, it has a serial number but you can register it on their website, which will give you an extra year worth of coverage.  

If we compare the two wallets, the internal sweeper mechanisms on both are very similar, but the implementation is different due to the trigger configuration. I personally prefer the SECRID’s trigger mechanism due to its protected stance when it is not in use, because it could be caught, pulled, and ripped, no different than the Ekster. 

When it comes down to my personal choice, I prefer the Ekster, due to its privacy plate. It also provides a nice organizational method for other additional items that you would not be able to carry in the box. I also like the rubber friction pad on the interior of the Ekster better than the felt pads on the SECRID. However, I do like the SECRID’s size, as it is a little bit shorter. I also like their trigger mechanism more than the Ekster’s. But regardless, the materials on both are excellent.

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