Frenchie Speed Wallet Compare; Regular and Mini!

Frenchie Speed Wallet compare! Regular and mini to determine which is better. The answer is both are great, but it depends on how you carry.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Frenchie Speed Wallet Compare! Regular and Mini, which comes out on top!

Today we are going to do a comparison between The Frenchie Company regular and The Frenchie Company mini speed wallets. I have already done individual reviews on both of these but will now talk about what makes them different from each other. Both of these are trifolds and can each handle cash the same way. The wallets might look a bit small, but surprisingly they can both fit all United States and foreign currency just fine.

Both wallets have their quick pull straps, but the capacity of cards is what really makes the difference. The regular one has quick access slots, whereas the mini does not. Both the mini and regular both have two slots with quick pull straps in them. The difference is that when we pull up the mini and take a look at it, it has its cash component and the two quick pull straps. When we look at the regular it has a quick access slot for cards. This is the one differentiator between the mini and the regular. The regular has a quick access card slot along with cash.

What really gets interesting is the card capacity. The regular can only carry two cards in each of these quick pull straps, whereas the mini only has two, but it can get up to six in each. Therefore, the mini has a full capacity of twelve, whereas the recommended capacity on the regular is only ten.

The regular wallet is limited to ten cards because the bottom of the pull strap area is sewn together, and thus it limits the number of cards that you can put in there. The mini does not have this limitation because it isn’t sewn. This means that the mini can actually carry more than the regular, twelve vs ten. So really what’s the difference? Well, the materials are the same. They are both made out of wonderful veg-tanned full-grain Italian leather that smells wonderful. You can get more cash in the regular model than you can with the mini. If you are more of a cash-carrying person, the regular is probably more your thing. If you are more card of a card carrier, then obviously, due to capacity, the mini is more your line as well.

From a size perspective, the speed wallet regular is 4.0″ x 2.5″ x 0.4″, whereas the mini is 3.4″ x 2.4″x 0.4. From the trifled opening perspective, it’s perfect between both of these. There’s no concerns there, and you can see the size in grams for each of these.

The following is a review of the final ratings of these two wallets. They match themselves very clearly on most of their categories, except for usability. I didn’t quite like its usability on the regular because it was sewn to the bottom. I know this was a design issue, but it really hampered its flexibility and capacity for cards. So the final score here is 3.8 for the mini and 3.6 for the Frenchie Mini

The Frenchie Co. Speed Wallet Mini

The Frenchie Co. also makes a smaller, “mini” version of it’s popular “Speed” wallet. Smaller in size, it actually has larger card capacity than the larger version and can still adequately handle all foreign currencies with ease.

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