Kings RANSOM? Kings Loot Hybrid & Mini 3.0 Wallet REVIEW

We have both the Kings Loot Hybrid bifold wallet review and the Kings Loot Mini 3.0. Both come in decent leather with revealing information when compared to the Kings Loot Mini 2.0 minimalist and other similar competitors. Great standard wallets with the Mini 3.0 being my favorite. Why a Kings ransom? When it's all said and done, Kings Loot wallets might be a bit overpriced compared to its competition, watch and see.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

In this review, we are going to talk about the Hybrid and the Mini 3.0 wallets from Kings Loot that I have been putting off for some time, but your pleas have finally moved me to act.

They both come in similar and high-quality packaging. These boxes are quite nice thick cardboard, very Applesque. I got the Hybrid in the black color, but it also comes in five other colors. We have the Mini in buckskin, and it also comes in four other colors. This is the AirTag version and it is a very common design that we have seen with the Schnail, Distill Union, and several others we reviewed in the past, but regardless, it is very nice and simple.

Now let’s walk through both of these and see if they are everything they are made out to be.

Starting with the Mini, we have got a big card slot with a capacity of up to 15 cards with a pull strap to extract cards. We have a tracker spot that is for the AirTag on the back. Actually, you can put a Tile Sticker in there as well that will also work. The front strap is elastic and not only holds the wallet together as you have cards in the middle, but is also the place where you put cash folded twice or in thirds. Finally, we have a key ring where you can attach keys, a lanyard, or anything that you would like. 

The Hybrid starts out with a quick access card slot on the exterior with a capacity of two to three cards and a little thumb push to get the cards out. If we move to the interior, we have an ID slot that is plastic, a little thumb push, and three other card slots. The structure is similar to other vendors that we have seen before. Furthermore, it has RFID lining all the way through. Finally, we have a money clip that is a standard spring-based money clip, it does come out and once it weakens and starts to lose its spring, you just wind it back up. This has a capacity of one to 15 notes unfolded in the billfold pocket and up to 12 cards

From a measurement perspective, the Mini measures 3.5 x 2.5 x about 0.5” and weighs 26 grams, and the Hybrid is 3.9 x 2.75 x 0.5” and weighs 56 grams. Very reasonable measurements.

Both are designed in the United States and made in China. Both are made from premium full-grain leather, but smell chrome-tanned. The sewing is machine-made, which is good but is missing reinforcement in high-stress areas. Otherwise, the sewing is good and the wallets feel good and do operate without any issues. I am really not a fan of clear plastic for the ID slot as it tends to get yellow and crack over time.

The Hybrid has rolled leather edges which is very typical in large manufacturing runs of wallets. It is inexpensive and provides a slimmer profile. From a pricing perspective, the Hybrid is $79 and the Mini 3.0 is $89. The Mini 2.0 is $74 but it does not have the tracker slot.

I like how the Mini 3.0 operates. The design is common, as mentioned, the tracker holder is a proven design seen on many wallets as well. One thing I like is that the elastic is very strong and keeps the cash tucked in the front and from moving around on its own. Even if you just want to carry one card and an ID, for example, the elastic strength will prevent movement of the cards. The other thing I like is that we have full coverage of cards, meaning that you can push your cards all the way down and the corners of the wallet will completely cover the cards. One thing about the AirTag or the tracker slot is if you lose interest in these trackers and you do not want to carry them anymore, you will be left with a big gaping hole. For the price you are paying, this Mini is quite expensive, therefore, you will have a bit to think about if you want to invest in this wallet and then all of a sudden lose interest. 

The Hybrid quick access slot in the front is quite nice. It works just fine, with two cards in there, they go in and come out easily. Besides, the thumb pull makes the access to cards really nice. You also have the archive location where you can store less frequently used cards and then pull them out with a pull strap.

Here is my final assessment. What I find is that Kings Loot products fall into the same quality standard and configuration setups as brands like Andar, Bryker Hyde, Serman Brands, or Travando, but are two times more expensive. They do not offer anything spectacular or even genuinely unique when compared. That said, Kings Loot provides an interesting lifetime replacement guarantee warranty that didn’t page load when I tried. With all that said, now you have everything you need to know to make a good decision. 

The final scores of these wallets, beginning with the Mini 3.0, it scores 3 for quality, 1 for price because that is very expensive, features score a 3, usability scores a 4, and perception another 4. That gives the Mini a final score of 3 out of 5. The Hybrid scores 3 for quality, 1 for price, 3 for features and usability each, and 4 for perception. That gives the Hybrid a final score of 2.8 out of 5. If you found this review interesting, check the video for more details.

Kings Loot - Mini 4.0

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Kings Loot - Hybrid

Our mens wallets are handmade with the finest full grain genuine leather and fit 1-12 credit cards and plenty of cash.

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DISCLAIMER: Walletopia is reader-supported. When you buy through our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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