Open Seas Houbei 2.0/1.0 and Tauruscamp Grain Wallet COMPARE

Many have asked for a comparison between the Open Seas Houbei 2.0 wallet and the Tauruscamp Grain wallet. Both are leather wallets, minimalist by nature and are excellent EDC options. They're more closer than you'd think.

Comparison of the Open Seas Houbei 2.0 and Tauruscamp Grain Wallet

The Open Seas Houbei 2.0 has garnered a dedicated following for good reason. Let’s begin with the 1.0 version, although the 2.0 version is also worth mentioning. The key improvement in the 2.0 is the removal of the seam at the bottom, replacing it with a seamless leather wrap, eliminating a potential point of wear and tear.

If you’re smitten with this 1.0 version, you can still request it. I ordered and conducted my initial review in 2021, so it’s seen some use – or rather, let’s say it’s been loved. This wallet is a fan favorite of Michael Bluthm, the owner, who runs a delightful shop on Oahu. I had the pleasure of visiting his shop some time ago.

What sets the Open Seas Houbei 2.0 apart is its customizable options. You can choose from various colors and thread combinations, allowing you to personalize your wallet. Crafted in the United States, it features full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from Conceria Walpier tannery in Italy, striking a balance between suppleness and firmness. The leather is sturdy enough to maintain its shape but not overly thick, making it slim and practical with a nice balance between suppleness and firmness. This is ideal for accommodating the multiple folds of the leather, while maintaining a slim profile. It’s hand-saddle stitched with open seams, featuring a unique sewing pattern. Most of Open Seas’ wallets have lightly burnished edges, a subtle touch that adds to the overall aesthetics.

Open Seas Houbei 2.0 features
Open Seas Houbei wallet Feature Review

The wallet’s exterior boasts a quick-access card slot for 1-2 cards, while the interior reveals slots for 1-2 cards on the security flap and 1-3 cards in two additional slots. There’s also an interior cash slot, and the wallet accommodates shorter currencies with ease. It’s hand-saddle stitched and exhibits light burnishing on the edges for a polished look.

Tauruscamp Grain Wallet Details

The Tauruscamp Grain Wallet has maintained its classic design since 2020, proving that if something works, there’s no need to change it. This wallet comes in two versions: one with a key and coin slot, and the other with extended card and cash storage.

What makes this wallet stand out is its use of top-quality leather, which provides both strength and flexibility. One small drawback is that the dye doesn’t penetrate the leather entirely, visible on the flesh side. Nevertheless, the exterior is flawlessly crafted.

Tauruscamp Grain wallet
Tauruscamp Grain wallet Feature Review

The wallet offers one or two card slots, a designated space for coins and folded cash, and a slot for keys or a key. The clever design ensures your coins stay secure without falling out.

Differences and Usability

Both wallets use a single line of stitching for durability and feature a wrap design formed by folding two pieces of leather. The Grain Wallet uses slightly lighter leather, but the difference is negligible. In terms of access, the Grain Wallet’s sloping design allows for quick card retrieval, while the Houbei employs a slide-in and tuck mechanism.

For the Houbei, you can comfortably fit 6 cards and up to 20 bills when folded. Tauruscamp’s wallet holds around 8 cards and requires cash to be folded once. The measurements for the Houbei are 3.8 by 3.2 by 0.3 inches, and the Grain Wallet measures 4.3 by 3.1 by 0.3 inches.

Final Verdict

In the final scorecard, the Tauruscamp Grain Wallet slightly edges ahead with a score of 4.1 out of 5, while the Open Sea Houbei scores 3.9 out of 5. Personal preference will play a significant role in your choice between these two fantastic wallets. Whether you opt for the classic elegance of the Houbei or the timeless versatility of the Grain Wallet, you’re sure to enjoy a high-quality accessory that keeps your essentials organized and stylish. 

Open Seas - Houbei

Cash wrap wallet with unique design and full-grain veg tanned leather. Das Offen Meer makes this a perfect wallet for cash carriers.

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Tauruscamp Grain Wallet

With a very creative design using one piece of full grain veg tanned leather the Grain Wallet is easy to use for cards, cash and coins

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