TROVE Swift vs VBAX – are they that different?

Many requests have come in for a comparison between the TROVE Swift and VBAX wallets. They're the same design and features, but there are subtle differences which can help you decide which one is best for you!

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we are doing a comparison between the VBAX and the TROVE Swift band wallets. We have talked about both of these wallets and how they are exactly the same, but you wanted to know what the differences were in comparison. So we will be taking the VBAX and the TROVE Swift wallet into a comparison.

Both wallets look exactly the same and have relatively the same features between them. However, there are a few differences that are important to note, so let’s get into the feature review of the wallets. The main features that are the same, is a quick access pull strap. This allows the cards to fit without having to get into the bulk of the wallet, and pull them out quickly. From the top, there is another access slot for cards you would use less frequently. When we look at the VBAX, it is exactly the same. It has the quick access pull strap for cards, and on the top down, it has the access for cards here too, as well as in the back, again, more space for cards. So from that perspective, they have the exact same features as each other. And of course you can put cash folded over twice in here to, that’s something you can do with both wallets.

Now let’s get into the subtle differences between them. One distinction is the pull strap. We’ll look at the pull straps as they come out, there is a difference in two places. One is the width of the strap, which is narrower in the VBAX, whereas the TROV is much wider. If we look at the TROVE by comparison, it’s shorter in length than the VBAX. The reason is because it is sewn more securely onto the inside elastic than the VBAX. Whereas the VBAX is sewn close to the edge and not very well so it would pull out faster than the TROVE over time.

Another difference comes down to the pull strap head. As we look at these closely we can see that the strap head on the VBAX is leather, and it is a lot taller, than what we see on the TROVE. The TROVE is shorter in height and also metal. And it has this kind of grippy feel to it, which makes it easier to grasp when going for it. And the fact that it has such a small profile really makes this easier to not only use, but it keeps it out of the way once you have a card in place. The result is the strap head doesn’t flop around on the TROVE.

Another difference is the fit and finish. If we do a comparison of the leather folding and placement, we can see that the fit and finish of the leather, as it’s cut and placed, is a lot tighter on the TROVE. The construction was more precise on the TROVE than we see here on the VBAX. Not sure if that’s a big problem for you, but that is a bit of a detail in the construction that I think is important to point out.

You do have the opportunity to fully customize the TROVE, which you cannot with the VBAX. I don’t know if that’s important or not, but that’s something to consider. I find them both to be very competent, they both function as you would expect. There’s nothing really too concerning about the VBAX or the TROVE, the features are all very good between them. I’ve carry-tested the TROVE and really liked it. The platform itself is really good and a lot of recommendations I’ve made to people who’ve made comments about whether or not they’d like the design is to test drive VBAX, as it’s inexpensive. If you determine that you like it, then you really should go for the TROVE, because you can totally customize it. Overall, I do think the quality of the materials, fit and finish is better in the TROVE than we find in the VBAX.

Now let’s look at the final ratings from these two wallets when they went through their reviews. The TROVE did better in quality than the VBAX. You can tell from the price perspective that the VBAX really killed it there, as we would have expected. Feature-wise, exactly the same. Usability, the TROVE Swift, because of the refinements in the construction, did win out. And they both have the same score on perception. In the final scores, the TROVE wins out marginally against the VBAX. So in the end, whether it’s TROVE or VBAX, or VBAX or TROVE, it’s up to you, but they’re both good wallets. And like I keep telling you, test drive, before you buy, then you decide.

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