TROVE wallet comparison // taking the trio out for a spin!

We've reviewed the TROVE Swift, Cash Wrap and Coin Caddy and have wanted to do a TROVE wallet comparison, to see what's the same, what's different and where is the sweet spot!

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

With the exception of their original wallet, we reviewed all TROVE’s wallets, the Swiftthe Cash Wrap, and the Coin Caddy. They all share similar foundations. So today we’re going to compare the TROVE trio.

Today we’re going to do a three-way comparison between the TROVE Swift, the Cash Wrap, and the Coin Caddy. These are all slim wallets. They’re in that category, and they’re all foundationed on the same footprint. They all have elastic that’s part of their construction. And it really is what makes the product line unique and so appealing. Despite that they have different functionality, so let’s walk through the features of each of them.

Starting with the TROVE Swift. It has a quick access pull strap for two or more cards in the front. On the top of the wallet we have the main pocket for more cards or cash. You can put coins in there too. Yeah, I’ve seen coins be put in there as well as keys or other items. The elastic’s pretty strong and then flipping it over, opposite the pull strap we have yet another slot for additional cards or cash.

The Cash Wrap on the other hand, has a quick access pull strap at the bottom, similar to the Swift. All three have a pull strap at the bottom for quick access cards. This card access is possible without removing the elastic strap that holds the top down. Once we open it up, we have yet another slot right in front for additional cards. Opened, you see how cash slips in and then wraps down when the wallet closes. The bottom of the cash is secured at the bottom of the wallet in a simple flap that’s secured by the elastic at the bottom and then lays on the inside of the wallet when unfolded. Behind the cash, in the middle of the unfolded wallet is a little pocket which can hold coins or a key. When you’re ready to close it up, you “wrap it”, thus the name, the Cash Wrap, once folded, it has a small elastic strap that secures the flap down and you’re ready to go.

Looking at the Coin Caddy, it too has a quick access card slot on the outside. The Coin Caddy has a snap over flap to hold it in place. What makes this wallet unique is how the elastic is integrated into the wallet to be the coin pouch in the back of the wallet. Once opened, the front part of the elastic is where you store more cards and the back is where you load up with coins. But where does the cash go? Well, when it’s closed, you have a small slot between the elastic that holds the cards on the inside and the front flap which is secured by the snaps on top. By folding the cash twice you can push the cash in there and it will stay secure when the wallet has cards and coins in it.

All the elastic is Italian-made, strong and will maintain its longevity.

The Cash Wrap is the sweet spot for interoperability because you can separate the elastic portion from the wrap portion. The Cash Wrap really can break down into two separate wallets. I can keep my coins and cash in one of the wallets, wrapped up and secured by the smaller elastic strap. I can also take the main elastic portion, which carries my cards and use it separately too. And so between the two of these you actually have two wallets.
As you can see, they all scored very closely. They share a lot of functions and features, but in the end the Swift and the Coin Caddy ended up with a 4.1, and the Cash Wrap received 3.9 out of 5. Three great wallets all from the same company, different capabilities, swap-ability and flexibility. If you haven’t taken a look at these yet, look at the links here for the individual reviews, or go out and actually buy one.

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