V1 vs V2: Which Grip6 Wallet Dominates? The Answer Will Shock You!

We've technically seen versions v1, v2 and v3 from the Grip6 wallet, but the most recent is really their second after the Kickstarter version. This comparison reviews the new updates as well as unfortunate performance that still exists. What are those things? Well, if you're familiar with v1, then you'll know.

Grip6 Wallet Version 1 vs. Version 2: A Comprehensive Comparison

When choosing the perfect wallet, the devil is often in the details. Grip6 offers two intriguing options, Version 1 and Version 2, each with its unique set of features. In this blog post, we will dissect the differences between these two versions to help you make an informed decision.

Unboxing and Materials:

Both Grip6 Version 1 and Version 2 are proudly made in the United States. Version 1 boasts a unique loop option and top-grain leather sleeve, while Version 2 opts for a sleeker, almost unibody design. The materials used are CNC-machined anodized aluminum and high-quality full-grain veg-tan leather, ensuring a satisfying tactile experience. Unlike competitors that feature unibody designs, Grip6 secures its components with screws, allowing for easier maintenance.

Card and Cash Capacity:

Version 1 impresses with a card capacity of up to 10 cards, while Version 2 takes it a step further, accommodating up to 14 cards alongside your cash. However, both versions require cards and cash to be folded twice to fit comfortably in the wallet.


In terms of weight, Version 1 weighs in at 72 grams without the leather insert and 95 grams with it. On the other hand, Version 2 is slightly lighter, coming in at 68 grams without the optional sidecar and 80 grams with it.

The Sidecar Option:

Grip6 wallet version 2 introduces the innovative “sidecar,” a leather slip case that offers extra space for both cash and up to eight additional cards. This feature adds versatility to Version 2, making it an attractive option for those who need extra storage capacity.

Card Handling and Ejection:

Both versions share a common challenge – inconsistent card fanning and ejection. When pushing the lever, the cards tend to scatter unpredictably, often requiring manual assistance to retrieve them. This issue remains prevalent in both Grip6 wallet Version 1 and Version 2.


In summary, Grip6 Version 2 presents notable improvements in build quality over Version 1, with its sleeker design and the introduction of the sidecar option for added storage. However, both versions struggle with inconsistent card handling and ejection, which may be a crucial consideration for users who prioritize functionality.

Ultimately, the choice between Grip6 Version 1 and Version 2 comes down to your personal preferences and needs. While Version 2 offers some exciting enhancements, it’s essential to weigh these improvements against the persistent card handling challenges to determine which Grip6 wallet best suits your lifestyle.

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