Vaultskin wallet COMPARE; Notting Hill vs Mayfair?

Zip it YOUR way! The recent release of the Mayfair wallet complements the Notting Hill, which has set the standard for Vaultskin wallets with a zipper. So how do each of these slim, RFID, leather minimalist wallets compare? Well, the review is actually easier than you might think.

When it comes to zipper wallets, Vaultskin wallets have been making waves with their stylish and functional designs. In this product comparison blog post, we’ll dive deep into the Mayfair and the Notting Hill, two of Vaultskin’s most popular offerings. Both promise top-quality materials and RFID protection, but how do they stack up against each other? 

Notting Hill: The Veteran

The Notting Hill is a wallet that’s seen some action, as evidenced by its slightly distressed appearance from real-world use. Designed in the United Kingdom and crafted in China, it boasts top-grain, chrome-tanned Italian leather that’s been cut thinly and fortified with RFID material throughout. When you run your fingers over it, you’ll notice the distinct crunchiness that comes from the RFID lining. This protective layer can be found not only on the wallet’s surface but also within its pockets, all in sleek black. The zipper is advertised as YKK, a trusted choice known for reliability. This is a critical feature, considering that zippers play a central role in securing your belongings. Additionally, an elastic strap is present, a common feature in both the Notting Hill and the Mayfair.

Features of the Notting Hill

The Notting Hill doesn’t disappoint in terms of features. It boasts three external quick-access card slots – one on the front and two more at the back. What sets it apart is an additional external card slot for added convenience. This means you have four easy access points for your cards before needing to unzip the wallet. Each external slot can comfortably hold one to two cards, while the internal pockets can accommodate one to three cards each. If you prefer using the interior for coins, the snap feature keeps them securely in place, even though they may rise to the top. Folding cash once fits nicely, or you can use one of the internal pockets for notes. The zip closure ensures everything remains safe and sound.

Mayfair: The Newcomer

The Vaultskin wallet Mayfair is the latest addition to Vaultskin’s lineup, designed in the UK and also produced in China. Like its counterpart, it features top-grain chrome-tanned Italian leather, cut thinly for a sleek profile. The RFID material is prominently visible. The YKK zipper, a mark of reliability, is present as well. From a feature perspective, it offers two external card slots – one on the front and one at the back – along with a concealed slot equipped with an elastic pull strap for added security.

Features of the Mayfair

Inside the Mayfair, you’ll discover four card slots – two on each side – providing ample storage. Additionally, two gusseted pockets or pouches are perfect for cash folded once, coins, keys, or AirTags. The RFID material contributes to its slightly crunchy feel.

compare image
Vaultskin wallet; Notting Hill and Mayfair

Vaultskin Wallet; Technical Differences

When it comes to card capacity, both the Notting Hill and the Mayfair can handle around 10 cards comfortably, although neither recommends a specific maximum. Folding bills once for storage is the preferred method for both wallets, with a range of approximately five to eight bills. In terms of measurements, the key distinction lies in the orientation of the card slots, with the Notting Hill designed for vertical placement and the Mayfair for horizontal card arrangement.

In Summary

To summarize the key differences, the Notting Hill Vaultskin wallet offers four external accessible card slots compared to the Mayfair’s three, although both are excellent options. However, the Notting Hill only provides two internal card slots, while the Mayfair boasts four, along with two distinct gusseted pouches for added versatility. The Mayfair is slightly larger and heavier than the Notting Hill, but the primary difference lies in their interior organization – the Notting Hill offers a more open layout, while the Mayfair provides a structured and organized setup. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences, as both wallets excel in terms of quality and functionality.

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