how to wear wallet chain

How to Wear Wallet Chain in Different Ways

If you’re wondering how to wear a wallet chain, then this article is for you. Whether you want to wear your new wallet chain with a suit or t-shirt, the tips and tricks in this blog are sure to make it happen!

how to shrink leather wallet

The Full Guide on How to Shrink a Leather Wallet

Even the classiest wallets start to stretch out and become a little misshapen with time. Leather is a durable material, and while it’s hard to destroy, it stretches easily if too many credit cards get crammed into it!

a woman wiping a bag

How to Care for an Eel Skin Purse: A Complete Guide

If you’re in the market for a high-quality, luxurious purse, you may want to consider an eel skin bag. Eel skin leather purses and other eel skin products such as eel skin wallets and eel skin loafers are made from the finest skins available, and they are sure to last for years. In this article,

brown leather wallet phone case

Buyer’s Guide — Custom Wallet Phone Cases

Custom wallet phone cases are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to personalize their devices. These cases usually incorporate a cardholder or pocket, which can be handy for carrying around your essentials. They can also be customized with your own designs and images to make them truly unique. There are a number of

white bludgeon braided keychain

A Complete Guide to Safety Keychains

Wondering what a safety keychain is and who it’s for? We’ve got you covered. A safety keychain is a device that attaches to your key ring and provides you with an easy way to get help or defend yourself in an emergency. Safety keychains are a must-have for anyone who wants to feel safe while

how to repair cracked leather

How to Repair Cracked Leather: The Full Guide

Cracked leather can look tacky, especially on a piece of furniture or wallet. It symbolizes that the item is not taken care of or is not maintained on a regular basis, even if it’s not true. In this article, we explain what causes leather to crack, how to repair cracked leather, and how to prevent

how to clean leather wallet

How to Clean a Leather Wallet? Read This First!

So you have a new leather wallet, and you want to make sure you take care of it in the best way possible. You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll discuss exactly how to wash and maintain your leather wallet, as well as how to clean any unwanted stains. Different Types of

What is a minimal wallet

What is a Minimal Wallet? Should You Get One?

Bulky wallets are starting to feel like more of a hindrance than a help. Buyers are beginning to choose minimal wallets instead of conventional leather wallets.  Not only do minimalist wallets fit neatly in your jeans or jacket pocket, but they take up less space. Just be aware that a slim wallet won’t be able

Are Thread Wallets reliable?

Are Thread Wallets Reliable? Let’s Take a Look

For years now, bulky wallets have been the normal way to store your cards and cash. But as more of society opts to pay by card rather than cash, these functional wallets are falling out of favour.  Many men now prefer to use a slim wallet as it doesn’t take up as much space in

RFID Blocking Wallet Scam

TRUTH behind RFID blocking wallets; its still a scam

Do you need RFID card blocking wallets? NO, but is RFID sniffing a threat? Maybe, but not really. Let’s dive into the specifics of RFID history, technology, scanning, skimming, shimming and blocking. In the end you might want to block RFID, but you won’t want to do it with a wallet. And RFID blocking wallets are still a scam.

Wallet Prestige Website Thumbnail

Men’s Wallet Prestige (really it’s a hobby)

A brief exploration of why do men continue to purchase more wallets with more frequency. Why are we talking about this? With the consistent release of more new wallets every week, you’d think the collective first-world would be losing full dumpster of wallets. We think it’s more of a hobby/habit situation. But you be the judge.


Grades of Leather and Why it Matters

We always talk about “full”, “top” and “genuine” leather and how it affects the quality rating, Grades of Leather. Read on to quickly understand the difference.


Do we still need cash?

We’ve talked many times in our articles about the need to keep a small amount of cash in your minimalist wallet. Overwhelmingly there are more reasons why we still need cash as individuals, economies, and yes, even governments. So do we still need cash?

RFID Website Thumbnail

RFID is a scam!!

Every company is rushing to cash in on the apparent tidal wave of RFID crime ruining the nations finances. Truth is, there is NO problem because RFID is non-existent and criminals aren’t that dumb, they can use their time more wisely. See why we always lament RFID products and how they’re just not worth it.

walletopia rating whiteboard thumbnail

Walletopia Wallet Rating Scale Explained

Walletopia explains its rating scale used for wallets reviewed on the channel. There are 5 dimensions which are weighted to provide a view into what wallets might be best for you.

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