Are Thread Wallets Reliable? Let’s Take a Look

For years now, bulky wallets have been the normal way to store your cards and cash. But as more of society opts to pay by card rather than cash, these functional wallets are falling out of favour. 

Many men now prefer to use a slim wallet as it doesn’t take up as much space in their pocket. There are many varying styles of wallets available now that come in a variety of slim designs and cool colours.

Today we’ll look at Thread Wallet, one of the most popular products that are now replacing the classic wallet. 

Are you looking to swap the wallet you have now with a new and slimmer one with plenty of card slots? Then keep on reading to find out why buying a wallet from Thread is a good idea.

There are several things that have made this brand of cardholders popular, as shown below. 

1. Security 

Unlike a traditional pocket wallet, you don’t place them inside card slots. And when you need to pay for anything with a card, you don’t have to take it out physically. 

Instead, with a Thread wallet, you secure your cards directly inside using the cut-out section surrounding them. 

There isn’t any chance of them being tampered with or ripped out of dad’s wallet when out and about.

2. Slim Design

The minimalist wallet’s design provides space where you can place credit cards without taking up any extra space in your pocket. 

3. Available in a Wide Range of Cool Colors 

Unlike the classic wallet, which tends to only come in a few dark color choices, with Thread Wallet, you have a lot more colors to choose from. You could choose a neutral color option or go with something that pops. 

Here’s Our Quick Thread Wallets Review

Who Created Thread Wallet? 

The company was started by Colby and McKenzie Bauer (husband and wife). Their dream was to create a brand that would allow their customers to live an adventurous, fun-loving lifestyle. This was when they came up with the idea of the Thread Wallet. 

Where is Thread Wallets Based? 

Although this slim cardholder is manufactured in China, you can find the actual company’s headquarters in Provo, Utah. 

Can You Put Cash in a Thread Wallet?

A Thread Wallet comes with a compartment for cash to be kept in. This is the perfect go-to accessory for anyone looking for a convenient way to store their money and cards. 

You won’t need to carry a coin purse or search through your pocket for cash with such wallets. 

How Many Cards Can a Thread Wallet Hold? 

The company states that a Thread Wallet can hold up to eight cards. But for these essential items to function well, you should limit yourself to storing four to six cards in them. 

If you read Thread Wallet reviews, you may be surprised to find some people put up to ten cards or more in theirs. It’s a great test of just how reliable the Thread Wallet is. 

Do Thread Wallets Stretch? 

With some minimalist slim designed wallets, you may find that they aren’t able to stretch out, preventing how much you can put in them. 

But when it comes to a Thread Wallet, their elasticated design means that they can stretch. They’re able to accommodate more items while their minimalist design ensures your cards remain secure.

Not Only Designed for Just Carrying Cards and Cash

When looking for a reliable wallet for your credit cards that don’t take up space in your pocket and can protect your mobile phone, look no further than this brand of eco-friendly wallet options. 

Each of these sits on a genuine leather back that comes with a case where you can place your phone. This elastic wallet is made from tight-knit, durable materials, and you can also buy additional wallet accessories for it, including lanyards that attach to your keys.

Are Multi-Functional 

These multifunctional wallets will prove helpful in many different ways – this is something that many people love about this eco-friendly wallet. There is a silicon strip inside of them that provides additional grip when placed in your pocket. Making it even more difficult for any potential pickpocket to remove it without you noticing. 

Their range of bifold wallets comes with RFID blocking, another essential security feature that will help prevent you from being a victim of identity theft. This style offers enough card slots to keep between four and ten cards at one time. 

It Comes with a Demo Card

Suppose you have never owned a minimalist card holder wallet before, you need to know how to insert items correctly. This brand comes with a demo card to show you exactly how to insert your cards into the card slots. 

Although you may initially want to throw it away, keeping the demo card will be a more practical idea in the long run. If any cards need to be replaced, you can quickly refer to the demo for a refresher. 

Size Matters 

Each wallet measures just 2.2 inches wide by 3 inches long, which is very similar in size to a cell phone case. But what makes them so convenient for carrying in your pocket is the slim design. 

Even with several credit cards inside of a minimalist card holder wallet, it only measures a few millimeters in width. No longer will people see the imprint of a sizeable bulky wallet in your pocket. 

Unlike a fancy leather wallet. Each eco-friendly wallet from Thread doesn’t weigh a great deal. Before anything is placed inside the card slots, they weigh just 17 grams.  

But are Thread Wallets Reliable? 

With a quick look online, you’ll see that many customers have left reviews about these multifunctional, colorful wallets on sites like Amazon. 

There are plenty of negative and positive reviews you can look through. But, most seem to be more than happy with their construction integrity. They are also satisfied with how good the elasticity is, even with a number of card slots. 

You can trust these wallets to keep your cards and cash secure at all times without that annoying bulky feeling. 

So Should You Invest in a Thread Wallet?

With their slim design and minimalist construction, each one of these designer wallets can be carried easily in your front pocket. They’ll also keep your essential cards safe and secure, and keep your keys close at hand as well.

These wallets are ideal for when you are out for a walk or going to the gym and don’t want your pockets weighed down.

And don’t forget that these wallets come in different color choices.

You can go for the more conservative plain black color option, and for the girls, perhaps one that comes with a pop of color like stripes or vibrant images. 

They’re also available at an affordable price. 

In Conclusion 

Thread Wallet has a wide range of colorful slim wallets to choose from and diverse wallet accessories.

Their minimalistic, slim design allows you to feel unrestrained while also not being concerned you’ll lose your credit cards. 

Over the last few years, this company has made a name for itself and has seen other’s attempts at competing with them. The introduction of the Thread Wallet was a big game-changer. 

We hope that this Thread Wallet review lays out the popularity of their products. Anyone looking to replace their current wallet or purse with a more eco-friendly wallet should look no further than what the reliable Thread Wallet has to offer. 

After reading our Thread Wallets review, what’s your take on it? Will you get one of your own? Thanks for reading!

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