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Aer Day Sling 3 Max web

Too BIG or just right? Aer Day Sling 3 Max REVIEW

Following the successful Aer Day Sling 3, we now have the Aer Day Sling 3 Max, a full 6L sling bag for your EDC travel carry items. This review covers whether or not it’s too big for a daily carry or best for travel. Like all Aer products, it comes in the XPAC material in black.

ALPAKA Zip Pouch

Hard to access?? ALPAKA Zip Pouch zipper REVIEW

Many handheld pouches are making a debut as wallets. The ALPAKA Zip Pouch is minimalist and good for EDC gear. With a zipper opening it can operate as a mini tech or travel wallet for cash and card carry. Built using XPAC materiaL, the only thing this everyday pocket carry might have a problem with is access. The zipper placement is not optimal.

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