Pouches, Sling, and Tools Reviews

Aer Day Sling 3 Max web

Too BIG or just right? Aer Day Sling 3 Max REVIEW

Following the successful Aer Day Sling 3, we now have the Aer Day Sling 3 Max, a full 6L sling bag for your EDC travel carry items. This review covers whether or not it’s too big for a daily carry or best for travel. Like all Aer products, it comes in the XPAC material in black.

Peak Design Slim Wallet

Peak Design Slim Wallet; minimalist PERFECTION?

I’ve been carrying the Peak Design Slim Wallet for a few weeks and find it to be the BEST MagSafe AND in general minimalist wallet I’ve carried. Why? It works with my mobile phone and as a stand lone wallet without looking odd. Capacity is impressive, with usability and access being elegant.

Bellroy Tech Kit Compact

Bellroy Tech Kit Compact REVIEW; too small or just right?

The Bellroy Tech Kit Compact is the little brother of the Bellroy Tech Kit. More compact, this small pouch provides suitable space for your minimum tech kit needs. If you’re going for total preparedness, this is not the tech pouch you want. So is it too small to carry all you need?

Craft and Lore Worry AirTag wallet

NO worries eh? Craft and Lore “Worry” wallet AirTag TECH

When Apple AirTags are everywhere, you might as well add a wallet to carry it. The Craft & Lore Worry wallet elegantly provides a slot for an AirTag without showing it off to everyone. All the while keeping it out of the way so the wallet can function easily for cards and cash. Made from Horween leather, this minimalist wallet is perfect for everyday, simple and elegant

ALPAKA Zip Pouch

Hard to access?? ALPAKA Zip Pouch zipper REVIEW

Many handheld pouches are making a debut as wallets. The ALPAKA Zip Pouch is minimalist and good for EDC gear. With a zipper opening it can operate as a mini tech or travel wallet for cash and card carry. Built using XPAC materiaL, the only thing this everyday pocket carry might have a problem with is access. The zipper placement is not optimal.

Pioneer Carry Global Pouch

Ugh, I can’t see! Pioneer Global Tech Pouch REVIEW

The Pioneer Carry Global Tech Pouch is my favorite due to the head room for taller items. Most tech pouches like Bellroy or Peak Design are shorter and it’s more difficult to put taller items like chargers or cables. But the best travel organizers for tech can handle more kit. The only down side is the Pioneer Global Pouch does not have contrasting colors on the interior so it’s like trying to find things in a black hole.

Ekster Tool Card

Magnets on multi tools? Ekster Tool Card EDC Review

What jumps out at you about the Ekster Tool Card is that this multi tool is built for the Ekster wallets like the Senate and Parliament. It’s not a full card sized multitool for your wallet, but has a number of features that you would use every day. Made from stainless steel, it’ll last a long time. But is simple too simple when you use a multi-tool?

TOP 7 AirTag Wallets

TOP 7 AirTag Wallets; Good Idea or Not?

Whether the wallet is carbon fiber, a card holder, minimalist or leather wallet, the Apple AirTag wallet is the best for carrying your AirTag accessory. But beware, if you don’t want to scratch your AirTag or be able to use your wallet if you’re not carrying the AirTag, then your choices will need to be careful.

Wallet Ninja Multicard Tool

Wallet Ninja Multitool Roundup! Original, 2.0 and Pro EDC REVIEW

As one of the most ubiquitous multitool wallet EDC cards, the Wallet Ninja Original, 2.0 and pro fit most needs. But there are differences between them, some very big, but as a multi tool card that fits in your pocket, this unboxing, review and comparison is revealing. It gradually moves from an 18-in-1, to a 20-in-1 to a 26-in-1, adding more tools like a can opener, peeler and cell phone stand as it goes.

Zootility Wildcard Blades

Nice blade, but…Zootility Wildcard Blades; HT-420 EDC REVIEW

The Zootility Wildcard Blades which include the HT-420 is an excellent pocket secondary blade or primary EDC knife in a pinch. Super thin at 0.08″, it fits easily in any wallet like a credit card, but without the blade, there isn’t much left to this multitool.

Mous MagSafe wallet

NO MORE Slip and Slide; Mous MagSafe wallet TECH

Mous is famous for their phone cases which provide excellent drop protection. They also provide MagSafe cases and have released a Mous MagSafe wallet in a card version with horizontal slots. Apple MagSafe wallets used on their iPhones, created opportunity for many vendors including Moft, Andar, Anson Calder, Distil Union, Ekster, Fantom and others.

What makes the Mous MagSafe wallet so different is how they solve the slipping and sliding that MagSafe wallets do when on an iPhone. Simple, but brilliant!

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro

USELESS features? Lever Gear Toolcard Pro EDC REVIEW

Nothing like a well-made wallet multitool to make those small EDC problems easy to solve. The Lever Gear Toolcard Pro includes a money clip and includes 40 different tools, but some are a stretch unless you’re a drafting student…

Volterman Smart wallet

Volterman wallet; the ONLY smart wallet TECH

Many wallets claim to be smart, but only the Volterman is. With a built in power bank, gps tracker, camera for theft recovery while still being a functional leather wallet, it’s your only choice for a truly smart wallet

RFID Wallet Scam

TRUTH behind RFID blocking wallets; its still a scam

Do you need RFID card blocking wallets? NO, but is RFID sniffing a threat? Maybe, but not really. Let’s dive into the specifics of RFID history, technology, scanning, skimming, shimming and blocking. In the end you might want to block RFID, but you won’t want to do it with a wallet. And RFID blocking wallets are still a scam.

Geometric Goods 4 Card MagSafe wallet

The iPhone is unworthy!? Geometric Goods MagSafe TECH wallet REVIEW

The Geometric Goods MagSafe wallet and CARRY TEST proves that full grain veg tanned leather is still a luxury above an Apple iPhone. Cutting no corners, this MagSafe wallet smells, feels and operates like you’d expect at this level of quality. It also has some problems which are discussed.

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