how to repair cracked leather

How to Repair Cracked Leather: The Full Guide

Cracked leather can look tacky, especially on a piece of furniture or wallet. It symbolizes that the item is not taken care of or is not maintained on a regular basis, even if it’s not true. In this article, we explain what causes leather to crack, how to repair cracked leather, and how to prevent

How can you tell a real Goyard wallet

How Can You Tell a Real Goyard Wallet from a Fake?

When it comes to buying designer items from luxury brands like Goyard or Louis Vuitton, you need to be careful. Because they’re in high demand, these fashion brands often find that others are trying to cash in on what they have to offer.  Some unscrupulous people may seek to make a quick buck and sell

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Q&A – Singular Wallet usage and Frenchie Card Holder

We’re back to answer and address a few items. First is my mistake in how to use the Singular Wallet, it’s much easier than I demonstrated. Also, how we comparisons, NOMAD’s Slim wallet manufacture is actually China, not the United States and the Frenchie Card Holder 2.0 “flick” open, is it really useful?

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Q&A – Apple Credit Card, Trayvax Contour Usage and surveys!

Submitted question on the Apple Credit Card impact on wallets and alternatives, how do you push cards out of the Trayvax Contour wallet without running into the card scratching problem it has? Thanks to those who submitted survey questions for long-term carry and wallets to review, keep them coming!

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