Anson Calder lets us down easy on the Cash Zipper wallet

Excited to get into the Anson Calder Cash Zipper wallet, the lack of design thought on the interior, funky leather smell, and overreach on price turned me off a bit. That said, the quality of the exterior leather, craftsmanship and durable zipper still makes this one of the best zipper wallets on the market.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we are going to review the Anson Calder cash zipper wallet. It is packaged in the typical Anson Calder box with a magnetic opening on top. All of the boxes are the same, but I have noticed that the font of the front can be different. When we open the box, we have the typical pieces that include the foam which is cut exactly to the size of the particular wallet that is in the box. There is also an insert that we always get from them.

The following is the feature review of the Anson Calder cash zipper wallet. With Anson Calder, it has the typical thumb push piece for their quick access slots, both in the front and back.  It has a nice zipper that is integrated into it. We can see in the front that there is a mark where we have a card slot. The entry point is in the top and from there it provides a quick thumb access.  If we open the wallet, you can see that it is one continuous piece of leather all the way around.

Now again, we open it up and we come right here to the front, where on both sides we have a single card slot access. Of course, the zipper is a feature itself, because that’s what allows you to put all kinds of things in there and then close it up which will keep your contents secure. It really comes down to four slots.

Here is the card cash insertion test. I was able to insert 10 cards;  2 cards on each of the outside, as well as 3 cards in each slot on the inside, as well as 7 slips of U.S. cash, folded over just once. The yen and the euro don’t fit unless you fold them over twice, which isn’t really ideal. The company indicates it can hold up to 18 cards. With Anson Calder products, they don’t usually have capacity issues. It handles cards just fine because the leather will stretch out and handle it appropriately. The security of the zipper seems to be very good. I wish we knew what kind of zipper this is because it handles itself very well and we don’t seem to have a lot of problems with it. As with all Anson Calder products, this one is made out of French calfskin leather that is manufactured out of a 16th-century French tannery. This also comes in a sport leather option, which can take more abuse but costs more money. The manufacturing is done in the United States. This does not have a good smell to it at all. It is full-grain leather and has burnishing that I thought was kind of cool. It is very supple and very soft and the thickness of the leather is really just right. Like I said, it comes in two types, a sports leather as well as this French calfskin, and only in two colors. It has RFID as well as non-RFID options. I’m not sure where the zipper is made, and there is a lot to be said about zippers and who manufactured them. YKK is what we’re looking for. We could probably hit them up on Twitter and see what they say about this. The interior looks to be made from a thicker suede. Like I said, it has a very pungent smell. Not sure why, but it doesn’t smell very good. After looking at these two layers, you can tell it has some good durability to it and should really last you a long time.

Seriously, don’t waste your money on the RFID portion of it. From a usability perspective, as I demonstrated, the zipper really works smoothly. It doesn’t catch at the start and it doesn’t have the problems you would find with other zipper wallets. it measures 2.75 x by 3.93 x  0.39”. Their support organization is excellent and they know how to take care of their customers.

Here is the final score. For quality, a 4. Price, a 1. Features, a 3. Usability, a 4. And perception, a 3 That gives us a final score of 3.2 out of 5.

Anson Calder Zip Around Wallet

The Zip Around Wallet features the same slim design and functionality as our Card Wallets but also has a zipper compartment to hold your cash, coins, more cards, or even your keys.

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Quality 80%
Price 20%
Features 60%
Usability 80%
Perception 60%

Technical Details




2.8 x 4 x .4"

Notable Materials


Country of Manufacture

United States

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