Bellroy Folio Mini, fits everything you want to carry

With an integrated magnet snap coin pouch and ability to carry loads of cards and cash folded once, the Bellroy Folio Mini fits it all.

With an integrated magnet snap coin pouch and ability to carry loads of cards and cash folded once, the Bellroy Folio Mini fits it all.
(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

The newly released Bellroy Folio Mini may look like another zipper wallet, however, the organization and the capacity it provides in this decent footprint makes it a fine wallet.

It comes in the typical Bellroy box that shows clearly what it is and provides some good instructions. What is pleasant about the Bellroy instructions is that, in most cases, it includes design notes that describe the product and tell what is done and why.

The reviewed wallet is their charcoal cobalt color. It has a nice raised Bellroy logo of the owl on the outside. The sewing is actually good and looks pretty solid.

In regards to the features of the Bellroy Folio Mini wallet, the first feature is the zipper enclosure which is nicely done. The interior has two interior slots, one on each side making it two slots for cash or cards. The wallet also has an interior pouch, primarily for coins, keys, SD cards, and such. The pouch is maintained by two magnets, which maintain the closure, one on either side. The material is good because it is a nylon, which besides being recycled material, provides a frictionless environment, allowing the coins to come out easily. The cards are, likewise, easily taken out thanks to the capacity it provides for cards on both sides as well as for the cash folded only once.

Concerning the card and cash insertion test, eight cards were inserted, however, minimal carry is probably four cards, and reasonable is six, while the company recommends up to 12 cards. This wallet can handle a bundle of cash, nine slips of cash were inserted in the test, and all currencies work just fine, even the larger Euro and Yen notes. Moreover, it can accommodate coins and keys if desired.

From a quality perspective, this is designed in Australia and made in India from a premium eco-tanned leather, the interior lining comes from one hundred percent recycled plastic bottles. It is RFID protected, and has no markings on the zipper, but it looks and feels really good, therefore, no immediate concerns about the zipper. The cards sit nicely, and the eight cards did not seem to overwhelm the wallet.

With nine slips of cash, a bunch of coins and a key, it measured 0.8 inches thick, but that adds to the fact it handles currencies folded just once. In addition, it has a pleasant feature as it opens providing access to everything, including the coins. This is a very functional wallet. Moreover, the frictionless environment helps the organization in the wallet.

The Bellroy Folio Mini is small enough to fit in the pocket, and for its capacity, and excellent size. It really is not that much bigger than some reviewed wallets, but its capacity is impressive.

As it opens up, the coin pouch immediately opens, and if coins are used frequently, which is the case in most countries outside the US, then this wallet is a welcomed experience. However, it can become annoying as there is no avoiding the constant opening of the pouch area. You can pull open the slots from the side which makes it acceptable, but it is not an option to ignore.

The Bellroy Folio Mini measures 4.5 x 3.2 x 0.8”, weighs 73 grams, and has a three-year warranty on it. It scores 4 for quality, a 3 for the price, 4 for the features, 3 for the usability and 4 for the perception. That gives a total final score of 36 out of 50.

Bellroy - Folio Mini

With an integrated magnet snap coin pouch and ability to carry loads of cards and cash folded once, the Bellroy Folio Mini fits it all.

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Quality 80%
Price 60%
Features 80%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

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3.35 x 4.5 x .8"

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