Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet; WHAT’S NEW??

We take an updated WHAT'S NEW look at the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet. This leather, bifold, EDC wallet comes in many colors including basalt, black, charcoal, java, obsidian, ocean and in premium full grain leather. So what's different? A couple things that make the newer version better than the original!

I recently had the opportunity to review the latest iteration of the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet, and I must say, it’s a wallet that’s loaded with features. Let’s dive into the details of this new version.

Unboxing Experience; Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet

The Bellroy Hide and Seek now come in new, stylish boxes, a departure from the traditional envelopes they used to arrive in. Upon unboxing, you’re greeted with a range of colors to choose from, including the attractive caramel color. In total, there are six color options, providing a delightful variety to suit your preferences. Inside the box, you’ll find an instruction card, a hallmark of Bellroy wallets. These instructions are incredibly helpful, especially for wallets with multiple features, ensuring you get the most out of your wallet.

Craftsmanship and Design

Taking a closer look at the craftsmanship, you’ll notice meticulous double stitching at the top, showcasing a classic wallet-making technique known as the rollover edge. One notable aspect is that this wallet proudly bears the “Made in India” label, which is commendable for its commitment to quality.

Features and Functionality

Now, let’s delve into the wealth of features this wallet offers, especially if you’re already familiar with Bellroy Hide and Seeks. First, you’ll notice the three-dimensional Bellroy logo on the front, adding a touch of luxury. There are no external pockets or features on the front, maintaining a sleek appearance.

Upon opening the wallet, you’ll immediately notice a height difference between the two versions available: the high and the low. The high version accommodates all international currencies, making it versatile for travelers. However, the low version misses out on handling Euros, Yen, and taller currencies.

The previous Hide and Seek only had the low version, which offered five internal card slots. The new version retains this design with four slots intended for individual cards and one slot designed for less frequently used cards.

Moving on to the internal billfold pocket area, you’ll discover two hidden card slots, one upfront and another tucked further back behind the second billfold pocket. Speaking of which, the primary billfold pocket and an overlapping flap conceal a second billfold pocket behind it. This unique design adds an intriguing organizational dimension, allowing you to separate your items effectively.

Dimensions and Capacity

In terms of dimensions, the wallet measures 3.74″ by 4.6″ by 0.4″ and weighs 56 grams (2 ounces). With 10 card slots and 8 compartments for cash (three in front, five in the back), the wallet handles your essentials seamlessly. However, keep in mind that as you add more cards, it naturally becomes thicker, a characteristic typical of card wallets.

Material and Build Quality

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet is designed in Australia and crafted in India using premium environmentally certified leather sourced from gold-rated tanneries in the Netherlands. The color contrast adds visual appeal, and the sewing adheres to Bellroy’s standard of wrapped-over edges. RFID material is integrated throughout to provide protection and maintain a slim profile. However, for those who prefer more leather than RFID, there is an non-RFID version. Additionally, this wallet is backed by Bellroy’s generous three-year warranty.


The Bellroy Hide and Seek offers reasonable value for a well-designed bi-fold wallet. Its compartments and pockets make it an ideal choice for travel or business purposes, where you need to organize receipts and other items effectively, especially in the two separate billfold pockets.

Comparison to the Original Hide and Seek

Now, let’s compare this new version to the original Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet . Despite inflation, the price has remained the same, which is commendable. Both versions offer similar features, but the new one boasts enhanced build quality. The billfold pocket separator and back card area are stiffer and more durable, using stronger materiral, addressing some of the issues of the original design.


If you like carrying a pen in your wallet, I’ve partnered with NarwhalCo to offer a small pen that fits neatly in the Hide and Seek.

Final Verdict

To sum it up, the new Bellroy Hide and Seek is a significant improvement over the original. If you’ve been contemplating whether to purchase it, there’s no reason to hesitate.

This results in a final score of 3.9 out of 5, indicating its overall excellence as a wallet. The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet is a feature-packed, well-crafted accessory that offers great value for your money.

Bellroy - Hide & Seek

A slim all-rounder with classic good looks and clever hidden storage for extra bills, coins or business cards.

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Quality 80%
Price 80%
Features 100%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

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3.74 by 4.6 by 0.4"

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