Bellroy’s Slim Sleeve wallet is compact but can it hold up?

The Slim Sleeve is a very compact and easy to use bifold wallet from Bellroy, the leather and construction look solid, and it feels and smells nice. But for $79 can it live up to daily carry needs?

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Today we are going to review the Slim Sleeve from Bellroy. Like all Bellroy products, they have standardized packaging. It’s actually really nice. This is the tan color. The sewing has double stitch at points where the leather actually meets. It also has areas where it could stretch and pull. It feels nice and soft.

This Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet is primarily a card wallet. It has no features on the exterior and is very small. On the right hand side, we have a quick access card slot. There is a little thumb notch which is a nice touch. The same feature is on the opposite side where we have another quick access slot and a thumb slot. Underneath on the left we have what they characterize as a cash slot. Folding your cash over once or twice depending on the type of currency. I guess it would also function as a card slot. On the right hand side is where they have a leather pull strap. They characterize this space where you would put cards that are used less frequently. You can just store them in there and when you need them, you just quickly pull them out via the leather pull strap. There are two colors within the wallet which gives some diversity to it as it provides a great visual.

Now onto the card and cash insertion test. The company says it can hold 4 to 12 cards plus cash. I put 6 cards in here, which I think is about the perfect number before it begins to stretch out, which it will over time. I also put 3 slips of cash folded over once. United States and Canadian cash would work. Yen and Euro wouldn’t work so well folded over once. You would have to fold it over twice.

For quality, Bellroy designs all of their products with the same type of leather. It is all a veg-tan top grain leather that’s tanned from environmentally friendly and certified groups. It is designed in Australia but made in China. Therefore, the type of leather and quality you get is going to be consistent through all Bellroy products. The leather smells really nice being that it’s veg-tanned. It feels really good and there is no RFID in this wallet. No wonder why it smells, looks and feels so good. The leather on Bellroy products is cut very thin. They do a lot of unique features with their projects. And because of that, their products have very thin leather. There have been reported problems with it if it goes through a lot of rough usage or abuse, but everyday use tends to have few problems. Water causes the color to wear off and at times the stitching pops off. There are several things that have been reported. If the Slim Sleeve is still too big, take a look at the Bellroy Card Sleeve, it’s super minimal and a great options when you don’t need to carry much.

I think it’s pretty expensive for what you’re getting. But from a usability perspective, overall it is very easy to use. Putting cash in folded over once sticks out a little bit and can annoy some people, but I think it provides access to it, which is nice.

The measurements are 3.74 x 3.15 x  0.2” thin. Perceptions of course, come back to Bellroy as a company. They have a three year warranty on all their products. However, if the material wears out due to the leather,  I’m not quite sure you would be covered. But their customer service will respond. They are very good about that. They are a Certified B Corporation, so they meet the highest standards for verified social environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. Because they try and balance profits with purpose. They want to make things better for everybody around. They don’t abuse the environment or people for profit. They are based in Australia and were founded in 2010.

For the final score; For quality, a 3. Price, a 2. Features, a 3. Usability, a 3. And perception, a 4. That gives them a final score of 3.8 out of 5.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

One of Bellroy's best selling wallet, it brings the perfect balance between cards and cash with easy access while being thin and light.

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Quality 80%
Price 60%
Features 80%
Usability 80%
Perception 80%

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3.74 x 3.15 x .2"

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