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Made from kangaroo leather, the Blackinkk Bifold Card Wallet and Two-Pocket Card Holder sets the standard for minimalist wallet fashion with capacity. The outside slots allow tap pay, while the inside slots are RFID protected, EXACTLY what you want in a wallet.

Made from kangaroo leather, the Blackinkk Bifold Card Wallet and Two-Pocket Card Holder sets the standard for minimalist wallet fashion with capacity. The outside slots allow tap pay, while the inside slots are RFID protected, EXACTLY what you want in a wallet.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Some of you may have heard of Blackinkk leather from Australia. They have a great design flair that results in very functional and attractive wallets. They have two products that will be released and available on the Amazon platform in the United States very soon.

The first wallet is the two-pocket card holder. It comes in a sleeve along with a card. It is made of real kangaroo leather which is amazing. It can be cut very thin, still, it has incredible durability. On top of that, it tells the animals’ lives through the scars on it, which ought to be expected. The reviewed wallet is of a graphite gray color with rust paint, and that makes a great color combination. The interior is appealing, the sewing looks great, and the thumb push is really nice and very pliable. It is a great start for a wallet and quite excellent.

The second wallet is the bifold card wallet. Opening the box you can see not a sleeve but a wrapping around that comes undone Revealing the wallet. It comes together with a card similar to the previous wallet containing the same information. This wallet came in the vintage chocolate color. It is also available in three other colors: the graphite gray, same as the two-card, black sand, and vintage caramel. I personally like this color. The sewing is done really well, the edge has some nice reddish color, a really wonderful offset to this kind of chocolatey color. It is quite small and the design has some kind of flare that is excellent. One thing I want to point out is the threading, because the gold threading on the exterior adds a great accent while on the interior, you have a brown thread. This is all detail in the design that has been very well thought out.

From a feature perspective, the bifold card wallet exterior has two exterior card slots that would be considered quick access, with a capacity of one to two cards each. Cash folded twice will go in any of these slots. These two slots in the exterior are not RFID. I know it is great, but there is a combination that is pretty cool. The interior has two interior card slots with a capacity of one to two cards each and RFID is on the interior. The RFID-blocking material is in between the back leather and has no flesh on it; it is another piece of leather married to the front. Since this is kangaroo leather and can be split very thin, it does not add to the bulk of leather. This is a pretty impressive design.

The two-pocket card holder wallet has one exterior card slot, which is amazingly thin. This whole wallet is not RFID. The interior has a card slot, which provides a quick access thumb push from the bottom, and can fit one to two cards. And like its brother, this is RFID protected. So you have one slot which is non, and the other which is RFID. It has nice attention to detail and tries to accommodate people who tap pay for example. The capacity of two to four cards is quite good.

In regards to the card and cash insertion test, the two-pocket card holder got two to four cards. The company recommends up to six cards in the bifold wallet and up to four in the two-pocket card holder. I used Australian dollars during the cash and card insertion test, but these wallets fit any currency once folded twice

From a quality perspective, these are designed and made in Australia. The maker-creator, Varun, has put a lot of time into creating both functional and visually pleasing designs. Both wallets are full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and smell amazing. The kangaroo leather is ethically harvested for sustainability and shows the scars of living. I think it adds fantastic character by showing the life of what you are carrying, and it is similar to what you would find on cowhide. There is no difference in what they provide by way of longevity, it is a wonderful-looking piece of leather. It is stitched using polyester thread that can be personalized with a monogram, including using gold foil. The RFID inner pocket on the bifold is sewn in between the interior and exterior leather piece, in addition, both pockets on the exterior of the bifold are non-RFID, which is awesome because it is equipped with a tap and go feature, as well as a quick access card slot. Both have painted edges on them. I love the rust color on the two-card version against the graphite gray, it looks really nice.

There is a lot of attention to detail in the design, as well as the color combinations. Taking inspiration from the traditional Japanese art of origami, the bifold wallet, in particular, has clever folds and curves that can be observed in the interior. They are all in the right places as they minimize stitching for ease and for quick access to all pockets. Besides, it reduces material, and thus, it reduces bulk and delivers a thinner wallet.

From a usability perspective, the bifold, as mentioned, makes access to cards and cash much easier. I do not know why slim wallets’ makers do not do things such as this. If we look at the card holder, in particular, it has a rounded corner that we have seen on several wallets. This is a usability design feature, it facilitates access to cards or cash, therefore, you do not have to dig from atop if down was tight, you can just have this fold over a bit and you will have access to it. Moreover, the thumb push on the back is excellent, every wallet should have something similar. These wallets are both simple to use, but you would immediately begin to notice how thin the leather is. Being 0.63 millimeter thick, this super-thin Kangaroo leather wallet will last forever. Another advantage if you would like to track your wallet, both wallets will fit the 2020 Tile or the Chipolo tracking card if you are concerned about losing your wallet. The bifold card wallet measures 3.6 x 2.7″ x 0.3, and weighs 28 grams, equivalent to one ounce, it is very light, which comes from kangaroo leather. The two-card pocket holder is 3.7 x 2.6 x 0.2″, and it weighs 19 grams, an equivalent of 0.7 ounces.

I love kangaroo leather, if it has not become obvious by now, it is my favorite due to its strength and the thin cut that can be made out of it. Besides, these are amazing animals, they are so cuddly, but you know what? They are built. These guys are ripped, and they could kill you in a fight.

For the final score, these wallets came out the same. Both scores five for quality, three for the price, four for the features, because for example, the inclusion of the RFID and non-RFID along with the two quick-access slots on the bifold with the two pocket card means that you have a thumb push slot in there, as well as RFID, non-RFID, which is amazing. Usability scored four as they are very easy to use, and perception scored four as well. That gives a great final score of 4.1 out of 5.

Australian Kangaroo Leather Blackinkk Two Pocket Cardholder

Streamline your pockets with this sleek, minimalist credit card holder. Being barely 1mm thick makes the leather we use significantly thinner than the average leather wallet, meaning you can fill the pockets of your skinny jeans without any frustrating bulging.

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Quality 100%
Price 60%
Features 80%
Usability 80%
Perception 80%

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3.7 x 2.6 x .2”

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