Buffway Alaska slim wallet takes your breath away with colors, capacity and price!

The Buffway Alaska slim wallet has amazing card and cash capacity in a small package, plus an incredible color selection finished off by a very competitive price.

Let’s open up the Buffway Leather Wallet.  As you can see it comes in a basic, plastic, white zip lock sleeve. The one I ordered is a meadow yellowish brown color, and it’s a nice looking wallet. It’s a slim type wallet and from the look of it, it was designed for capacity and accessibility.

From the test it looks like it can hold 13 cards in total, that’s an excellent capacity for a slim category wallet. It doesn’t say anywhere on their website how many cards they recommend it can hold, but an 8-10 card average will keep this wallet thin and comfortable to carry.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

Let’s talk about what we see with this wallet and the company. The wallet does have a one-year replacement guarantee. It is made of chrome tanned leather and they say it’s “genuine leather”. When anything is marked as genuine leather, that means it’s the lowest quality of leather. It’s still leather, and will wear like leather, but it’s longevity and durability will be shorter.  It has folded over sewing on the edges, which is just another way of pulling the leather in and is sometimes used to cover imperfections and especially the thickness of the leather. It’s another method of finishing the edges beyond options like painted or burnished. They claim RFID, and unlike most manufacturers, they explain at what frequency the wallet protects. They support the 13-14 megahertz range which is the frequency RFID thieves purport to use.  Search my channel for my views on this, there is really no RFID threat.  Higher frequencies used for things like access cards and hotel room keys are not blocked.

With that background let’s get into the rating for the Buffway Slim Wallet.  For the reason mentioned above we will rate the quality a 2.

Looking at price, we’re going to give it a 5. It’s the highest rating, because it’s inexpensive, and that’s a great price for the capacity and design you get with this wallet.

If we look at its features, it does have a high capacity design. It has multiple card slots throughout the wallet plus an ID window, and a generous cash slot on the top, which most people don’t recognize.  Or you can use that slot to hold more cards, so we’re going to give it a 4 for features.

Regarding usability, we’re going to give it a 4. It is easy to use, with quick access to all the card slots with good slot exposure for finger access.  There’s nothing that would hamper you in accessing the wallet, finding what you need and putting it back in your pocket.

The wallet measures 4.5” by 3.1” by 0.1”, so it’s very precise in what they were measuring here, and it’s 1.76 ounces in weight. The extra half and inch on the length helps contribute to the capacity, but does not make it too bulky.

For perception, we’re going to give it a 2. It is a decent build, but does use lower quality materials, the packaging was underwhelming.  This model is called the Alaska. It is the only model sold by the company. They do have extensive colors available on Amazon, but only a few on their website, and anything you click on their website goes directly to Amazon. Amazon is apparently they only place they sell. We have no idea, really, who to contact, what kind of support system they have in place, and so that makes it difficult to understand what kind of future support you’d get from them. That’s the concern there.

If we take all of that, the final score is 3.3 out of 5. We hope you enjoyed this review. We’d encourage you to subscribe to us, click the bell  one, share it with friends and so forth, as well as click on the videos that we have here at the end, ones that, of course, YouTube likes, and ones that we think you’d enjoy, as well. Thank you so much.

Buffway - Alaska

8 slots easily load your driver's license, credit cards, debit cards and membership cards, making your work and travel more convenient.

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Quality 40%
Price 100%
Features 80%
Usability 80%
Perception 40%

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3.3 x 4.4 x .3"

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