Two Brands, One Masterpiece: Carl Friedrik x SECRID Collaboration

Bringing together the iconic SECRID Cardprotector wallet and the style of luxury travel goods maker Carl Friedrik in a single offering brings premium to everyday carry. The Italian leather used by Carl Friedrik in their Swanfield and Hatton wallets smells as good as it looks. And the operation of the Card Protector is incredible as you'd expect.

In the world of wallets, where practicality meets style, the Carl Friedrik x SECRID Card Protector Wallet emerges as a true gem. In this review, we’ll dive deep into what makes this collaboration stand out and why it deserves a place in your pocket.

Carl Friedrik x SECRID; Design Harmony

One of the most striking features of this wallet is its meticulously crafted sewing pattern. While we’ve previously examined both Carl Friedrik and SECRID products individually, the synergy achieved in this collaboration is genuinely impressive. 

This particular wallet is built around the SECRID Card Protector, and it flaunts a rich cognac color – a signature shade in Carl Friedrik’s product lineup. Additionally, it’s available in elegant chocolate and classic black options. However, the cognac color steals the show by accentuating the wallet’s exceptional sewing pattern. This collaboration seamlessly marries the strengths of both companies, with SECRID providing the trusted Card Protector Wallet as the foundation, and Carl Friedrik contributing luxurious enhancements to the leather and finish of the exterior.

Functionality at Its Best:

The Carl Friedrik x SECRID Card Protector Wallet boasts a thoughtful design. It features an exterior card slot for quick access for one or two cards or even folded cash. Moreover, the interior slot can accommodate up to six non-embossed cards or five embossed cards with raised letters and numbers. While the company recommends a maximum of eight cards, with the option to include cash, I opted for a setup with six cards inside and one card in the exterior slot. 

The metal box encasing the wallet provides natural RFID blocking. It measures a sleek 3.8 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches and weighs a mere 59 grams (or two ounces).

Masterful Craftsmanship:

Carl Friedrik adds its signature touch to this wallet with the final crafting stages taking place in Portugal. The result is a luxurious Italian Vachetta leather with a smooth, indulgent texture that exudes quality. This leather adheres to the high standards set by Carl Friedrik across all their leather products and is expertly bonded to the metal box.

What truly sets this wallet apart is its exquisite handcrafted sewing pattern. This intricate basting stitch, reminiscent of luxury vehicle steering wheels, adds an element of sophistication and visual allure to the wallet’s design.

Built to Last:

The wallet’s body is meticulously designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, where SECRID is headquartered. The core of the Card Protector is formed from an extruded aluminum billet, shaped into the box to ensure structural integrity. 

The internal mechanisms are assembled from the bottom, and felt protectors on either side prevent cards from unexpectedly ejecting. While the pop-up box design has been imitated by other companies, SECRID’s box and trigger mechanism stand out. They’ve undergone rigorous testing, with a proven track record of over 1 million operations. The patented Salamander design makes it resilient, even in the face of intense use.

In conclusion, this collaboration between two esteemed and design-focused brands delivers a high-quality product. To summarize our evaluation:

  • Quality: 5/5 – Exceptionally well-built.
  • Price: 1/5 – It’s a premium product, but you’re paying for the collaboration and limited availability.
  • Features: 4/5 – Limited options, but the wallet does its job effectively.
  • Usability: 5/5 – Very user-friendly with a solid reputation.
  • Perception: 5/5 – Both companies are known for their outstanding products.

This results in an overall score of 4.1 out of 5.

Carl Friedrik x SECRID - Cardprotector

Stores up to 6 cards within the RFID-blocking aluminium case, accessed via Secrid’s patented lever mechanism. 2 additional cards can be stowed in the external side pocket.

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Quality 100%
Price 20%
Features 80%
Usability 100%
Perception 100%

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3.8 x 2.6 x 0.4"

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