CountyComm Zipper Corner Wallet – $$ are you KIDDING ME??!!

The CountyComm Zipper Corner Wallet is well made, easy to use for many things besides a wallet, but the price is unbelievable.

The CountyComm Zipper Corner Wallet is well made, easy to use for many things besides a wallet, but the price is unbelievable.

(if you want to see all the features and how many cards and cash it can hold, please watch the video)

In this review, we will see the Maratac by CountyComm, a corner zipper wallet. The wallet is black, this is the only color it comes in. On the exterior, the wallet has a reflective paracord lanyard that can be used for quick connection, such as adding keys or adding it to your midrange, your satcom, EOD, or other everyday carry bag to make sure it is secured and will not get lost. On the interior, there is a zipper that opens up to reveal a big internal pocket. This self-organizing area is where cash, cards, keys, coins, and anything else can be stored. The multipurpose nature of this little pouch is quite nice. It can store cables and other things, which then can be placed in a bag or backpack and make everything secure, nicely stored, and accessible with just a zipper.

The Maratac corner zipper wallet is definitely worthy of owning, it is a simple wallet that is durable and provides enough room to carry the basics. It measures 4.1 x 3.2 x 0.3” and weighs 19 grams, equivalent to 0.7 ounces. It fit eight cards and 10 slips of cash during the insertion test. However, the tall currencies did not work. Minimalist carry for this wallet is probably four, while reasonable is eight. The company does not make any recommendations. The wallet is designed in the United States, but I was unable to find where it is made, so presumably, it is made in China based on the price. It has a YKK coiled zipper, a water-resistant PVC-lined on the interior, and the exterior is 1000 denier ballistic nylon, the reflective paracord lanyard is sturdy, and the sewing is excellent. Overall, this wallet is amazing.

I mentioned that based on the price, it should be made in China. From a usability perspective, the zipper is easy to work with. It opens and closes without issues. It has the proper amount of space at the top and the bottom, but of course, while using it, there is no need to zip it all the way down, if you want full access then you open it up fully and access is granted to cards or whatever else is inside. This is a nice simple wallet, which reminds me of the Undivided zipper wallet. Another nice addition would have been more organizational capabilities to either side of the interior pocket. The cash does have a chance of catching via the zipper, which is why the large currencies do not work, or the solution would be to fold them in thirds. This wallet is built for the EDC community, it is ideal to be thrown in a bag, briefcase, backpack, and the price is really right.

The final score of the Maratac corner zipper is fiv5e for quality, its quality is excellent; price scores a 5, features need a few more developments, therefore, they score a 2; usability is just fine and scores a 3, and finally, perception gets a 4. This gives us a strong score of 4.1 out of 5.

Corner Zipper Wallet by CountyComm

Simple nylon zipper pouch with a single interior for storage of whatever you need to carry.

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Quality 100%
Price 100%
Features 40%
Usability 60%
Perception 80%

Technical Details




4.1 x 3.2 x .3"

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